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Cabana Beach Bay Resort – Universal Resorts – Part 1

Join me on Saturdays to see photos from our Universal Studios/ Walt Disney Resort vacation during Thanksgiving.

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2017’s word of the year is Bucket List.  One item on Hubby’s bucket list was to take a trip to Universal Studios to see the Wizarding World of Harry Potter.  During my Thanksgiving Break, we traveled down to Universal Studios and the Walt Disney World resort.

Hubby got to cross off one item off his list while I crossed off multiple photography Disney items off my list.  Sweet!  (Does any one use that word anymore?)

For the first  5 nights, we stayed at the Cabana Beach Bay Resort.  I have a lot of photos of the resort.  At some point during the week, they began to decorate for Christmas so I have those photos also.  (Those will showcased in part 3 of the Cabana Bay photos.)

Here are photos from the day we arrived.

The elevators – Our room was located right next to the elevators. One night a gentleman laid down in that area and just talked and talked on his cell phone to someone. I left my room to go somewhere and then came back. He was still talking on the phone. Anyone could have heard his conversation.

20161119200726_IMG_0026 The mural at the end of the Bayliner Diner area of the resort.



20161119220209_IMG_0082 Not only could you go bowling, you could also eat dinner here. We never went inside the Galaxy Bowling area.

20161119201034_IMG_0031 The lobby area from the second floor


The lobby








The Pool area closest to our room

The Bayliner Diner eating area


View from the Galaxy Bowling area down to the main hallway to the lobby




The pool area furtherest from our room

Here are some videos of the resort

We were in the Bayliner Diner looking at Ramen Noodles.

The Walk from our room to the Bayliner Diner – It’s not that interesting of a walk. Our hotel room was quite a distance from anything.

The Bayliner Diner

I hope you enjoyed seeing photos of the Cabana Bay Beach Resort.  Join me next Saturday for some more photos of the resort.

Have a Magical Day,

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