Checking In – Gluten Free Diet – February 21 Update

I have been trying to avoid gluten for 3 weeks now.   For the most part, I’m doing a pretty good job with it. Then there are the times I screw up unintentionally and end up with either my stomach hurting or a headache.  It’s usually a headache that occurs which is a pain.  Steak and Shake – I found a list of gluten free foods on the web.  I ended up with the biggest headache after eating it.  People had commented on the post there is a possibility of cross contamination with the shake machine.  Next time I won’t … Continue reading Checking In – Gluten Free Diet – February 21 Update

Changing My Diet

A week or so ago, I started to feel really bad.  Headaches and stomach aches plagued my world.  I was easily irritated by everyone and everything. After four completely miserable days, I finally figured out that I probably have a food sensitivity.  So I’m now trying to eat as little to no gluten after I ate a bunch of foods that contained gluten and I started feeling ill once again. Within 2 days of changing up my diet, I am already feeling so much better.   I’m craving fruits and veggies.  I’m wanting more water. Yes, I’m avoiding gluten as … Continue reading Changing My Diet


Forgotten Chicken

I’ve made this dish twice.  The first time, we ate it but didn’t quite enjoy it.  After we had it the second time, the Wee One thanked me for cooking it.  The next day, he ran out to my car after I pulled up in the driveway after work.  He wanted to eat the left overs for dinner that night.

Continue reading “Forgotten Chicken”