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An Ode to My Grandpa

I've been de-cluttering my house.  While I was cleaning up, I found many photos of family and friends. One of the photos I found was of my grandpa in his favorite chair. 1.  The mug probably had coffee in it. 2.  Near the coffee mug is a white dish.  That is his ashtray for his… Continue reading An Ode to My Grandpa

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I’m The Third Tallest?!?

4. Write a blog post the ends with the sentence: I had a feeling that would happen.   Three years ago, the Imaginative One and I spent the last full day in Disney together.  We went to Animal Kingdom and then EPCOT. While we were in EPCOT, I decided to get a photograph of him… Continue reading I’m The Third Tallest?!?

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Universal Studios, Florida – Part 2

Join me on Saturdays to see photos from our Universal Studios/ Walt Disney Resort vacation during Thanksgiving. Cabana Beach Bay Resort - Part 1 Cabana Beach Bay Resort - Part 2 Cabana Beach Bay Resort - Part 3 Islands of Adventure - Part 1 Islands of Adventure - Part 2 Universal Studios - Part 1… Continue reading Universal Studios, Florida – Part 2

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Visiting the University of Louisville and Dinner

After we left the Muhammad Ali Center, we went to the campus of the University of Louisville.  One of my students played football there from 2010 until 2014.  Since I was down there, I wanted to visit the campus. While we were at the Muhammad Ali Center, I talked to one of the people who… Continue reading Visiting the University of Louisville and Dinner


Wordless Wednesday #9 – Guess who’s tongue this is

I'm going to interrupt the Imaginative One's theme to show you this really cool pic I took over the weekend.  Can you guess which animal this tongue belongs to? The answer will be in next week's post. Edited to add:  So far the guesses have been an alpaca and camel.  Neither of those guesses are… Continue reading Wordless Wednesday #9 – Guess who’s tongue this is


Wordless Wednesday #6 Adventures of the Scary Monkey (Part 2)

Two weeks ago, the family and I went to a local historical park.  The Wee One decided to bring along his stuffed monkey.  We had a lot of fun posing the monkey at various exhibits. Click on the pictures to make them bigger. This post is linked back to Wordless Wednesday at "And Miles to Go… Continue reading Wordless Wednesday #6 Adventures of the Scary Monkey (Part 2)

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Aviation Tour – Carillon Park

Our final stop on the Aviation Tour was to Carillon Park.  I had not been to Carillon Park since I was a child.  Hubby hadn't been there in years either.  So this ws a fun trip for all of us.  During the first half of the park, the Imaginative One and Wee One were very… Continue reading Aviation Tour – Carillon Park