1997 . . . The year of constant change

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Ever since 2017 began a mere week ago, I’m reminded where I was 20 years.  Can it really be 20 years since 1997?  My 21st/ 22nd year of life was one of constant change.

I was in my first year at Wright State University – fourth year in college at that point.

It felt as though I was on a roller coaster during that year.

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I decided that it was a good idea to just date and not settle down for the majority of the year.

That summer I discovered the Internet.  Now I can’t live without it.

Hides face when I mention the next fact.  It was the year I watched Star Wars.  Until I was 21, I had never seen the Star Wars trilogy.  George Lucas had re-released them that year so I went to the movie theater to watch them.  I had known about some of the characters but hadn’t actually watched the movies.

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During the spring, I attended classes at an elementary’s basement while observing/ aiding in a classroom for my first observation.  At that point  of my life, I relied on the public transportation system, walking, or the kindness of friends to transport me from place to place.  So one of my classmates offered to get me back and forth to the elementary building.  Anytime I hear Biggie Small’s Hypnotize, I’m taken back those days in my life.  (My classmate would play it on her CD player or tape deck.)

At the beginning of the summer, I was taking classes at Wright State and working.  Rather than coming back to my grandparents’ house for the night, I opted to stay at a friend’s apartment.  My grandma got so mad at me.  (There is actually more to the story but that is for another day.)  At that point in my life, I had lived away from home and had taken care of myself both at Wright State and while in Disney.  I found myself a dorm room and moved out.  Tanya helped me carry all of my belongings I could fit into a few bags.  We struggled with those bags on public transportation.  That dorm’s lounge is where I heard about Princess Di’s death.

My grandparents and I did not speak from June until November of that year.

My aunt invited me up to her house in New York so I traveled there via buses.  I remember having a  layover in Cleveland in the middle of the night.  I don’t think I slept a wink while I was waiting because I needed to assure I was safe since I was by myself.

I struggled financially that fall.  However I didn’t ask for handouts.  Instead I worked full time at McDonald’s, took a full class load, and did my second observation in the most far away place from campus.

That fall  I fell at work and sprained my wrist and ended up with the worst sinus infection.  I was slowly killing myself for my dream of graduating with my bachelor’s degree.

Professors told me that I did not have what was needed to be a teacher.  I got my one and only F in a college class.  (The next year I ended up with an A in the same class.)

During that turmoil of the fall of 1997, a miracle happened in my life.  I met Hubby.  Hubby was in two of my classes.  In October of 1997, we began to date.  Soon after we stated dating is when I got sick and hurt at work.

Hubby saw that I was working myself to death.  He knew I had my dreams so he was not going to derail them.  He wanted me to not work so much so that I could concentrate on my studies.  He also requested I not take SO many classes at one time.

I started to attend his church with him.  My grandparents and I repaired our relationship.  Then at the church I attended while a teenager gave me a check for $500.

Through all those changes in my life, God was with me.  I was walking in valleys so that I could reach the mountaintops.

I ended up graduating from Wright State in June of 1999, a month after I married Hubby.  A year later, I began teaching at the school district I’ve been at for 17 years.

Songs that will always remind me of 1997:

Right after Hubby and I started dating, we would meet up at a place called the Bike Shop.  This song played over and over again.


This song will always remind me of my first teaching experience.

No words of why this song reminds me of 1997

1997 will always be my year of constant change.

Have a magical day,

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