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Plum Crumble (GF) – Blog Post #11

One of my favorite YouTubers who has her own cooking show is Sara from the Domestic Geek. She has some great recipes that I have tried over the years. The other day I was looking at a video of hers from a few years ago where she baked gluten free desserts in a mason jar. … Continue reading Plum Crumble (GF) – Blog Post #11

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Peach Cobbler (Day 25)

Welcome to Day 25 of 31 Days of Slow Cooking. We are almost to the end of this series. Since Halloween is next Monday, I'm going to play This or That - Halloween version.  Chocolate candy or fruity? I'm partial of chocolate candy.  I have always said since I was born near Hershey Park, I… Continue reading Peach Cobbler (Day 25)

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Lemon Bar (Day 24)

Welcome to Day 24 of 31 Days of Slow Cooking. Today we are going to continue with the photos from the Donut Trail. After Kelly's Donuts, we went to downtown Hamilton.  We found the mural dedicated to Robert McCloskey.     Here are other photos of downtown Hamilton.  Some of the architecture is interesting so… Continue reading Lemon Bar (Day 24)

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Mint Chocolate Chip No Churn Ice Cream

The Imaginative One loves the color green.  Once he was old enough to chose his own ice cream flavor, he would chose mint chocolate chip ice cream.  For five or so years, he would only eat with mint chocolate chip ice cream.  In recent years, his choice of ice cream flavors is more diverse. The… Continue reading Mint Chocolate Chip No Churn Ice Cream

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No Bake Turtle Walnut Brownies (Gluten Free, Vegan) – Secret Recipe Club

#secretrecipe club This is my second secret recipe club post this month.  I volunteered to take over for another member of the secret recipe club was unable to post since her site was going to be down.  I was assigned to Simple and Savory. Anne is a holistic food coach.  She loves to cook and… Continue reading No Bake Turtle Walnut Brownies (Gluten Free, Vegan) – Secret Recipe Club

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Crisped Rice Cereal Marshmallow Bars

Also known as Rice Krispie's treats.  You can use either Rice Krispie's or you can you use an off brand crispied rice cereal. As I said, I want this blog to be a cookbook for the boys when they get older.  This is one of the recipes I would like for them to know how… Continue reading Crisped Rice Cereal Marshmallow Bars

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Finger Jello

When I was younger, my mom would make this dessert / snack.  She would take the finger jello to church or even to Rainbow receptions.  When I eat finger jello, I'm reminded of my youth. When the boys were younger, I made this dessert/ snack once or twice but for some reason hadn't made any… Continue reading Finger Jello

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WDW Magic Bars

As you know, I like to make copycat Walt Disney World recipes since I cannot get there as often as I would like. Here are some copycat Walt Disney World recipes on my blog: “Chef Mickey’s” Breakfast Pizza Dole Whip Smoothie Homemade “Dole Whips” When I made these, I had people compliment me on the… Continue reading WDW Magic Bars

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Simple Peach Crisp – Foodie Extravaganza

I've been loving peaches lately.  When I had to decide on a midsummer treat, I thought peach crisp would be a great treat especially with homemade whipped cream. This peach crisp is delicious!  And simple to put together. Stars of the recipe: 10 peaches, sliced 2 Tbsp. to 1/4 c. sugar (It depends on how… Continue reading Simple Peach Crisp – Foodie Extravaganza

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St. Patrick’s Day Marshmallow Bars (2 Varieties)

I have a few St. Patrick's Day recipes on my blog. Shamrock Shake Skinner Shamrock Shake St. Patty's Smoothie This year  I decided I needed to have a few more recipes for St. Patrick's Day.  My boys LOVE marshmallow bars.  I decided using Lucky Charms or Froot Loops instead of Rice Krispies would a great… Continue reading St. Patrick’s Day Marshmallow Bars (2 Varieties)