Throwback Thursday – The first time they visited WDW

In April 2009, Hubby and I visited WDW with the boys who were 3 and 5 years old. The Wee One enjoyed meeting all the characters. The smile on his face was truly magical during our visit.

Here a few photos of the boys during their first visit to WDW.

At the All-Star Sports
The Imaginative One went through a phrase where he hated riding boats.  He gave this same look when he rode on the boat to Fort Sumter a few months later.

A few months after this photo was taken was the monorail accident where one of the “drivers” was killed.  I’m so glad to have this photo.

I hope you enjoyed my walk down memory lane.  They have since visited WDW 2 more times.  Needless to say, we are a Disney family.

Have a magical day,

Crossing An Item Off My Bucket List: P!nk Concert

On Tuesday morning, I woke Hubby up at 8:30 with the question “Weren’t we supposed to be leaving between 8 and 9?”  My excitement was overflowing because we were going to go see an artist that I truly admire.  A few of her songs are ones that you could hear blasting from my car when I have had a bad day.

Hubby had promised me if this artist had a concert within driving distance (8 hours or less) we would go see her.  In October, we found out she was going to be going on tour.  I had a choice of many places we could travel to see her:  Louisville, Indianapolis, Philly (furthest away), Cleveland, or Pittsburgh.  I decided Louisville would be the best choice because I was going to be on spring break when she was going to be in Louisville.

Before getting the tickets, Hubby made reservations at the Galt Hotel which is connected to the Yum Center.  He did not want to have to deal with trying to get out of the parking lot after the concert.  We realized it was the best decision because we watched people trying to get out for over an hour after the concert.

So, who was this artist I was going to see?  Why, she is P!nk.  I have loved her music since 2001 or so.  I listened to “You Make Me Sick” and “There you Go” in 2000 but there was no real connection with her music at that moment in time.  When I heard “Just Like a Pill,” I felt a connection with her music.  You’ll hear me play the song repeatedly.

That evening at 5:45, I was itching to get over to the Yum Center even though it was a matter of going down one flight of stairs, across the concourse, through a little bit of a parking garage, and then across the skywalk.  All in all, it should take 10 or so minutes to get there.  I wanted to get there so I could get my shirt.  I used to get concert shirts a lot back in the day.  Now it needs to be someone special for me to get a shirt.

Then it was a sitting and waiting game before the concert.  People trickled in a little bit at a time.  A lot stayed up on the concourse drinking at the bar before the concert.

The first act was a DJ.  He was okay.  There was a lot of good songs that he sampled.

Then it was a group called the Bleachers.  They were once again okay.  We had a problem because they would start shining these strobe lights that got into our eyes and blinded us.  Think the sun but a million times worse.  There was no hiding from these lights.

Finally, it was time for them to tear down the set from the Bleachers so we could “Get the Party Started.”  The queen was ready to dazzle us with her singing, choreography, and aerials.  For 2 hours, we were amazed by her pure talent.

A moment that stood out was when a young girl gave her an United States flag from her dad’s tour of duty.  P!nk went off stage to get the flag and then refused to put it down anywhere but somewhere safe.

Another moment in time that will forever be sketched in my head is during “So What.”  She did her aerials and ended up flying over us 4 times.  You looked up and there she was in all her glory.

I could ramble on and on about the concert but instead will share a few photos and videos.  (Oh and you may hear me singing in some of the videos.  I apologize for my bad singing.)

The only regret is that I wish I was in the pit so I could see her up close and personal during the whole concert.  Maybe next time.

Have a magical day!


Oh and the set list:

  1.  Get the Party Started
  2. Beautiful Trauma
  3. Just Like a Pill
  4. Who Knew
  5. Revenge
  6. Funhouse/ Just a Girl
  7. Smells Like Teen Spirit – Brought me back to the 90s
  8. Secrets
  9. Try
  10. Just Give Me a Reason
  11. I’m Not Dead
  12. Just Like Fire
  13. What About Us
  14. For Now
  15. Barbies
  16. I’m Here
  17. Perfect
  18. Raise Your Glass
  19. Blow Me (One Last Kiss)


So What!

Glitter in the Ar

TBT – Signs of Spring

Spring Has Sprung or Has It?

This year, we had snow falling on the first full day of spring.  Almost 300 schools, churches, and even the Air Force base were cancelled or delayed because of the snow.

Even though snow has fallen, we have had some signs of spring.  My one and only deciduous tree, the autumn glory maple, has red buds on the branches which means there should be leaves growing soon.

During the snow fall, I still heard the birds singing their spring songs.

A Look Back at a Past Spring

I went back in my Google photos to find photos of spring in my neighborhood.  I finally found photos from 2012 when the boys were 6 and 8 years old.

Some of the photos that were taken during the spring of 2012 are some of my favorite photos that I have ever taken.

spring 2012 collage 1
Spring Sunset
spring 2012 collage 2
Spring Animals

The Boys of Spring


The Boys and their Godfather



spring 2012 collage 3 - Copy
The Wee One lost his first tooth.

spring 2012 collage 5 - Copy

spring 2012 collage 6 - Copy
Easter 2012
spring 2012 collage 7 - Copy
Easter 2012

Flowers and More Flowers

spring 2012 collage 4





Beautiful Scenery

Supermoon (Not in my neighborhood.  It’s just a cool photo.)


I hope you enjoyed the walk down memory with this Throwback Thursday post.  I can’t wait to see more signs of spring than what we have been seeing so far.

Have a magical day!


7 Things to Do More Often

1.      Pray and trust the Lord

This weekend I ended up having my gallbladder taken out 6 days before my scheduled surgery.  I could have panicked during the whole experience, but I put my faith in the Lord.  He put the right medical personnel to aid me when I needed it.

2.      Enjoy sunrises and sunsets

Every day God gives a fresh beginning with the sunrise.  He reminds me his grace during each sunset.

3.      Be Grateful for what you have

After being sick since November, I’m grateful to have a supportive family.  They understood that me not having the energy to do much was because of an invisible illness.  Hubby and even the Imaginative One have really encouraged me to continue to get better.  The Wee One, who is a preteen, has helped me in his own ways.

I’m also grateful for my health.  Whenever I went to the doctors about my gallbladder and was asked about my medical history, I really did not have much to report because I was healthy.

4.      Photograph life

You never know when life will throw you a hardball.  Photographs will remind you of lost family and memories you have collected over the years.

5.      Learn something new

Everyday you should learn something new.  At least that’s what experts say.  I enjoy learning new information whether it’s about a place I have visited, a show I’ve watched, something I have read about, or a podcast I have listened to.  My favorite podcasts come Stuff You Should Know.  Stuff You’ve Missed in History Class is my absolute favorite podcast from that website.

6.      Drink More Coffee

Coffee is life. Today was the first time I had coffee since last Friday.  While I was recovering, I did not crave or want coffee.  Now that I am feeling better, I want coffee.

7.      Eat more chocolate

Enough said!

Have a magical day!


My heart melted

1. The last time my heart melted was because…

On the first day of school last year, I was doing breakfast duty.  I met R.  She is a walking miracle with all of her health issues.

As she sat at the table, she kept mumbling about students who were in her class.  However she did not really communicate with me.

What I forgot to say is she is the self-contained classroom because of her health issues.  Even though she talks, she does not always communicate with adults she does not interact with on a day to day basis.

During the past year and a half, she has grown leaps and bounds.

I make sure I say hi to her when I see her.  I called Ariel when she was going through a Disney Princess stage.  I’ve tried to teach her my name.

Yesterday, I asked her if she remembered my name.  She stopped the rest of her classmates and would not allow them to move.  Even though once again she could not recall my name, what she said next took my breath away.

“You are the nicest teacher.”

Maybe one day she will remember my name.

Even if she never does remember my name, I will take her kind words to heart.

Have a magical day,