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Universal Studios, Florida – Part 2

Join me on Saturdays to see photos from our Universal Studios/ Walt Disney Resort vacation during Thanksgiving.

  1. Cabana Beach Bay Resort – Part 1
  2. Cabana Beach Bay Resort – Part 2
  3. Cabana Beach Bay Resort – Part 3
  4. Islands of Adventure – Part 1
  5. Islands of Adventure – Part 2
  6. Universal Studios – Part 1
  7. Universal Studios – Part 2
  8. Characters in Flight
  9. Disney Springs
  10. Port Orleans – French Quarter
  11. Pop Century
  12. Art of Animation
  13. Animal Kingdom Lodge / Entrance area of Animal Kingdom
  14. Boardwalk / Entrance of Hollywood Studios
  15. Yacht and Beach Club
  16. Contemporary / Entrance to Magic Kingdom
  17. Polynesian
  18. Grand Floridian
  19. Wilderness Lodge / Entrance to EPCOT
  20. Wishes


bus stops.jpg

These are the bus stops at Cabana Beach Bay Resorts (first two) and the bus stop at City Walk (last photo).


Once you get off the bus, you either go up the escalator, stairs, or elevators to the elevator to the security area.  EVERYONE must go through security and the metal detectors before entering City Walk.

City Walk Collage.jpg

Some of the City Walk area


This is the entrance area of Universal Studios.

Production Lane #1.jpg

Production Lane #2.jpg

When you walk into Universal Studios, the first area is Production Lane.  On Production Lane, you find the Despicable Me ride, the Shrek ride, Hollywood Rip Ride Rock-it, and Transformer ride.

The first ride we rode in Universal Studios is the Despicable Me ride.

Monster's Cafe.jpg

On Production Lane, there is a cafe’ called Monster’s Cafe’.  The boys enjoyed posing in the Frankenstein electric chair in front of the cafe’.

New York area.jpg

This is the New York area of Universal Studios.  I love the attention to details.


Their Christmas tree, area around it, and my reflection in one of the ornaments.


There was an alley area in the New York area.  I loved the attention to detail in that area.  It’s like a photographer’s dream.


More of the Alley area



Some of the Christmas decorations


The Transformers ride – We did not go on that ride.


The San Francisco area of Universal plus us walking up to the Men In Black ride.  We loved that ride.


Different views of the water front area of the park



The Springfield, USA area of Universal – There was so many details that I enjoyed photographing.


The Kid Zone of Universal Studios – The boys were not too thrilled with the area.  I guess when you are 11 and 13 play areas are not too exciting.


The ET ride – It was a simple ride that we think needs to be updated.


Meeting Doc. Brown from Back to the Future – He knew the Wright Brothers.  LOL!


The Construction Band (I can’t remember their real name.) – We enjoyed watching them.


The Blues Brothers – Hubby really enjoyed watching them.


The Marilyn Monroe show


Some random photos



I hope you enjoyed the collages instead of individual photos.

Starting next week and for the remainder of the series, we’ll be visiting the Walt Disney World Resort.  We visited 10 resorts, Disney Springs, rode the Characters in Flight, and watched Wishes during our 3 day visit to the Walt Disney World resort.  That means I have a lot of photos to share.

Have a magical day,

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