Seneca Falls – Women’s Rights Museum

After we were finished with the museum in the Welcome Center, we walked down the street to the Women’s Rights Museum.

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Sunday Evening – Day 4 Part 3

After we were finished visiting the Hunley, we spent the rest of the evening at the beach house.  The kids were wanting to play on the beach and get into the water so they had time to do that.

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Seneca Falls – The Museum (Blog Post #8)

While we were in Geneva, New York, the volunteer/ worker at the tourist information suggested Seneca Falls.  It was about 20 minutes east of where we were at that moment.  Molly had never been there before so we decided to take her advice.

She actually gave us two pieces of great advice.  Seneca Falls and Char Burrito Bar.

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Tips for a Non Park Disney Trip – Monorail Resorts

This is the second part of my series about tips for non park Disney trip.  I’m not planning to write anymore unless, it is highly requested for other ideas.

When you get to the Ticket and Transportation Center (TTC), you have 3 options.  Take a monorail to EPCOT, take a monorail to the Magic Kingdom and monorail resorts, or take a ferry to the Magic Kingdom.

If you decide to take the monorail to the Magic Kingdom and monorail resorts, make sure you are getting on the right monorail.  There will be plenty of signs.

  1. Polynesian
    The first stop on the monorail after the TTC is the Polynesian.  Here are my tips about the Polynesian.

    1. Go down to the check in area.  Ask for a lei.  They will give you a lei.
    2. Head to Captain Cook’s, the quick service restaurant on the first floor of the Polynesian.  If it breakfast time, Hubby’s suggestion is that you get Tonga Toast.  My suggestion for lunch / dinner time is the Hawaiian flatbread.  Yum!
      After you order, they’ll give you a pager type thing.  One of the quick service hostesses will bring your food to you so head outside to eat your treat.
    3. Head to the Pineapple Lanai for Dole Whip.  The Dole Whip float is delicious!
    4. Check out the decor of the resort.
    5. Take a walk on the beach.  Swing on the swings on the beach.
  2. The Grand Floridian
    There are 3 ways to get to the Grand Floridian from the Polynesian.

    1. Walk on the beach – There is a pathway.  I highly suggest this way because you will walk past the Wedding Pavilion.
    2. Take a ferry.
    3. Ride on the monorail.
      1. Enjoy the decor.  There is so much to see while you are in the Grand Floridian.
      2. Head over to the Disney Vacation Club building to see the Mary Poppins fountain.  Ask a cast member to direct you to the DVC building.  It’s a must see.
      3. Listen to the Big Band.  There music is fantastic.
      4. If it is Christmas time, the gingerbread house is a must see.
      5. Go outside the front doors.  If Richard the door greeter is there, take a photo with him.  He is a legend at the Grand Floridian.
  3. The Magic Kingdom Entrance area
    There are 3 ways to get to the Magic Kingdom Entrance area.

    1. Follow the path – We did not do that.
    2. Take a ferry.
    3. Ride on the monorail.
      1. You cannot get past security, etc. . . unless you have a ticket so there is not much to do there.  You can try to get a photo of the entrance area.  If it decorated for Christmas, take photos of the tree.
  4. The Contemporary
    You can either walk to the Contemporary or ride the monorail to the Contemporary.  My suggestion is walk because you will get to see Space Mountain as you are walking to the Contemporary.  It’s totally different walking up to the Contemporary instead of riding the monorail.

    1. Once you get there, there is a coffee stand on the first floor.  The smoothies they sell there are delicious!
    2. Head to the fourth floor.  Chef Mickey’s is there and other shopping.  Head to the balcony.  You will be under the monorail.  It is cool to stand there while the monorail is going over your head.
    3. While you are at the balcony, cross the bridge to Bay Tower.  You will get a wonderful view of Bay Lake and the Seven Seas Lagoon.  So totally worth it.
    4. Go up to the highest non Disney Vacation Club floor.  Look down onto the fourth floor and the fifth floor where the monorail station is.  So neat.
    5. Head back to the first floor.  Go outside to find the Mickey Statue.  It is a perfect photo opportunity.
  5. Ticket and Transportation Center
    Ride back to the Ticket and Transportation Center on the monorail.

Here are my blog posts from the monorail resorts:
Entrance to the Magic Kingdom and the ContemporaryPolynesian, Wedding Chapel and the Grand Floridian

Have a magical day,

My top tips for a non park Disney trip – Disney Springs

My mother-in-law, sister-in-law, and brother-in-law are heading to Disney soon to watch my niece and nephew march in EPCOT.  They are spending one day visiting resorts/ Disney Springs so I offered to give them some tips.

Disney Springs Hints:

My favorite part of Disney Springs is the Marketplace because it’s the original area that was there when I did my College Program in 1995.  I spent a lot of time there during my limited free time.  It helped that I was just down the road from the Marketplace.

So a lot of these hints involve the Marketplace area.

Before I begin, here are links to my blog posts about our visit to Disney Springs.

Characters in FlightWhat We Ate While in Disney – Disney Springs and Port OrleansDisney Springs

  1.  Take a ferry to Port Orleans.  You pick up the ferry in the Marketplace area of Disney Springs.  As you are traveling to Port Orleans, you will feel as though you are in a Bayou.  We only visited the French Quarter which is the first stop.
    1. While you are there, be in awe of the decor.  They really themed this resort as though you are in New Orleans.
    2. Visit the food court.  Get some beignets.  Sit outside on the patio and enjoy these delicious pastries.
    3. See if the door greeter is there.  If so, get a photo with him.  I did that with the Wee One.
  2. Go to Goofy’s Candy Kitchen.  If they have the free sample of the slushie, enjoy it.  (They still did that last November.)  The design your own Mickey Rice Krispie treat is worth the 5 or so dollars.  Dipped in chocolate, covered with M & M’s, and then drizzled with white chocolate is how the Imaginative One loves it.
    The sour cherry candies are the bomb.
  3. Head over to the Ghirardelli store.  They might be still giving out free samples of chocolate.  If not, enjoy the smells of chocolate.  Yum!
  4. Basin is another favorite place.  Wash your hands with the free samples.  You’ll walk out with softer hands.
  5. Eat lunch/ dinner at Earl of Sandwich.  Order the All American Sandwich.  It’s like a Thanksgiving Dinner on a bun.  Yum!
    None of their sandwiches are gluten free but the salads they do offer look like the bomb!
  6. The Christmas Tree Shoppe has always been a favorite of mine.  It’s a must see if you love Christmas.
  7. The World of Disney is the largest Disney store.  You can find a little bit of everything in that store.  Watch out the Stitch might spit at you.
    Oh and there is a Starbucks close by the World of Disney.  Get your caffeine on.
  8. I love the Lego Store.  The characters they have created out of Legos offer great photo opportunities.  I especially love the dragon in the lagoon.
  9. Behind the Lego Store is the Poutine booth.  If you love fries, cheese curds, and gravy, this is a must try.
  10. Another great place for photo opportunities is just outside the T-Rex restaurant.  We enjoyed doing that.
  11. We have never eaten at the Boathouse.  However there is sometimes concerts there and the amphicars are cool.  What are those?  They are cars that drive on water.  The Wee One thought they were neat.
  12. Sprinkles – There is a cupcake ATM there.  So cool.  It’s another must try.  Get a cupcake to share because they are not cheap.
  13. Blaze Pizza – I’ve heard good things about Blaze Pizza.  We’ve not eaten there though.
  14. We enjoyed the character balloon.  It’s still there but the characters have been taken off the balloon.  It was worth seeing the views of Disney.  There is another Starbucks close by.

Join me Monday for tips about visiting the resorts on the monorail.

Have a magical day,

Seneca Lake, Geneva, and the Best Lunch EVER (Blog Post #7)

We are back after my 31 Days of Eating Gluten Free.

On Friday of my trip, Molly and I were going to visit a few of the finger lakes before going to get her allergy shot.  Our plans were changed once we visited Seneca Lake.  Next week, you’ll find out where we went after visiting Geneva, NY.  It was somewhere she had never visited.

Before we went to the lake, we went to Walmart to find some bug spray for our trip to Letchworth State Park.  While we were there, I found Polar Water which is flavored seltzer water that you can only buy in New England.  I became obsessed with Polar Water.  Okay maybe not obsessed.  I enjoyed the Polar Water because they were more delicious then some other brands that I have tried.


When Molly and I met up over Labor Day weekend, she brought me some more Polar Water and then my aunt brought me some more two weeks later.

Okay onto photos of the lake.

seneca lakeseneca lake 2

Seneca Lake is the second longest of the 11 of all of the Finger Lakes.  It is known for it’s 50 wineries.


We enjoyed listening to these birds.  They were SO loud.


rockssignsrandom 2

Those are random photos of the lake.

Since I have lost 20 pounds, I began doing toe touches at different spots while on vacation.  Seneca Lake is the start of this “tradition.”  2017 is going to be known as the year of the toe touch.

leg kick

photo session

Molly and I and then me jumping up for joy.  I love the bird photo bombing my photo.

visitor center

We went into the Visitor’s Center while we were at the lake.  The lady who was working there was excellent.  She gave us the suggestion of where to visit next and the best lunch EVER.  Maybe not EVER but it was pretty delicious.

Char Burrito Bar was like a Hot Head Burrito or Chipotle.  It was a mom and pop sort of restaurant.  I enjoyed the taste of the chipotle ranch and the fact that the meat had a charred taste.  Yum!

char burrito bar

We also checked out some of Geneva, New York.

muraldowntown Geneva 2downtown Geneva 1

Join me next week for our next adventure.

Have a magical day,

Hunley – Day 4 Part 2

Join me on Saturdays for posts about our South Carolina trip.

I mentioned the Hunley when I did the book review for The Girl on Legare Street written by Karen White. I shared a few of these photo collages in that post.

You can only visit the museum where they are restoring the Hunley on the weekends. So that’s where we went on Sunday afternoon.

Have you heard about the Hunley? It was a Confederate submarine that sunk an Union ship during the Civil War. After it sunk the Union ship, it disappeared.

No one knows what caused the Hunley to sink and disappear.

In 1995, it was finally found.

The Hunley was not brought to the surface until August 2000. All of the men were found perfectly preserved.

In 2004, they buried the men in Magnolia Cemetery. (Sidenote: My mother-in-law’s grandparents are buried in the same cemetery.)

They are currently trying to remove all of build up on the Hunley.

And they still don’t know what caused the submarine to sink. Here is a link to the possible theories.

I got to visit the Hunley in December 2000 when I went with my in-laws to Charleston. You could not actually see the Hunley just a model of the submarine.

collage #5.jpg
The first views of the Charleston Harbor.
collage #6.jpg
There was a cool display where they had silhouettes of the 8 men who had been on the Hunley when it sunk in 1864. The boys stood in front of silhouettes. The Wee One was way smaller than any of the men. However the Imaginative One was the same height as one of the shortest men on that mission.
collage #7.jpg
This is a model of the Hunley. As you can see how tight the quarters would have been. Plus how physically demanding it would have been to be on the submarine.
collage #8.jpg
The Hunley – It’s in a solution that is similar to Comet. It’s been in the solution for two or three years and will be in the solution for at least three or so more years.
collage #9.jpg
Some of the displays in the museum.
collage #10.jpg
More displays at the museum.

I would highly suggest going to see the Hunley if you are in Charleston. It does cost money to go into the museum. Just be aware of that.

I’m going to be taking a break on this blog series until the first Saturday in November. In October, I’m going to be sharing 31 days of gluten free foods so the entire month will be dedicated to just recipes.

When I return in November, I’ll be sharing photos from Sunday evening.

Have a magical day,

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Pittsford, NY, Erie Canal, and Barnes and Nobles (Blog Post #6)

After we finished visiting Lake Ontario and the lighthouse, we travel to Pittsford so I could see the Erie Canal.

So what is the Erie Canal?  Back in the 1820’s, they built this canal to connect the Hudson River to Lake Erie.  It was a way of moving goods from one area to another.  In Ohio, where I live, there was two canals built – Miami Erie Canal and the Ohio Erie Canal.  The Miami Erie Canal is in the Western part of Ohio where I live.  Both of those canals connected the Lake Erie to the Ohio River.

Since I learned about the Erie Canal in school, I wanted to see part of it in person.

While I was in Pittsford, I Facebook live the experience. I downloaded both of those videos and then uploaded them to Youtube so you can see the some of the canal besides in the photos. I apologize because the video may be shaky.

We stopped for some coffee once we got to Pittsford.
erie canal 2
The town and Erie Canal
erie canal 3
Erie Canal
erie canal 4
Cute little shopping area
erie canal 5
Schoen area of Pittsford
erie canal 6
Random photos
erie canal
Erie Canal
Schoen building


After we finished visiting Pittsford, we went to Trader Joes because Molly had never been there before.  She was so impressed with Trader Joes.  When we met up in Pittsburgh in the beginning of September, we stopped at the Trader Joes in that town twice.

After we were done at Trader Joes, we went to Barnes and Nobles to find some books to read.  It was there I found Karen White’s Folly Beach book.  I read through that book while on the trip.  Karen White is the author of the Tradd Street mysteries.  (Romance, Ghosts, and MysteryFamily Secrets, a Mysterious Reporter, and More GhostsA Teenager, More Family Secrets, and a Dollhouse)

Barnes and Nobles
Barnes and Nobles


I’m taking a break from these posts in October.  My focus during the next month is going to  be sharing gluten free recipes for my Write 31 2017.

We’ll be visiting Geneva, NY and the best lunch ever on the first Wednesday in November.

Have a magical day,

Sunday Morning Worship – Day 4 Part 1

Join me on Saturdays for posts about our South Carolina trip.

We had a storm on Saturday night so it was humid when I got up on Sunday morning.

I was not able to get any sunrise photos that morning.

collage #1.jpg

Since we did not do a big grocery shopping trip on Saturday evening, Hubby decided that Sunday morning would be the best time to get it done. He did not want to run into the same traffic jam like the afternoon before.

Right outside our beach house was a huge puddle. The reflection was wonderful. This is the house across from us.


Here is downtown Folly Beach on a quiet Sunday morning.
wee one sleeping.jpg
The Wee One would “wake up” in the morning, remove his blanket from his bed, and then go into the living room to sleep some more.

When we were in Folly in 2009, I attended church at the Folly Beach United Methodist Church. I wanted to attend the church in 2013 but missed the service by an hour. This year I was bound and determined to attend a church service.

I was not the only tourist attending the service. There was a couple from Tennessee and a family from close to Berea, Kentucky worshipping at the church.

The congregation was welcoming. When we go back to Folly Beach, I am going to make sure I attend another service.

The one thing that stuck with me is the pastor singing “Who Am I?” by Casting Crowns before beginning his sermon. That became the theme of my early morning walks on the beach.

The church is absolutely beautiful.

collage #2.jpg

collage #3.jpg

After I got back to the beach house, it was time for us to eat lunch before going to see the Hunley.

collage #4.jpg
The kids thought it was funny to use the glasses meant for alcoholic beverages for their lemonade. The Imaginative One picked the biggest wine glass.

Join me next Saturday for our visit to see the Hunley.

Have a magical day,

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Irondequoit Bay and Charlotte-Genesee Lighthouse (Blog Post #5)

My friend and I visit Lake Ontario and a beautiful lighthouse.

Lots of photos.

Join me on Wednesdays for photos from my trip to Rochester, New York.

After we got done at the zoo, we drove to Irondequoit, NY.  I wanted to see Lake Ontario.  Actually I had already seen it the year before when we drove from Niagara Falls to Toronto.  We didn’t stop on that trip to take photos by the lake.

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Finally the Beach – Day 3 Part 2

Join me on Saturdays for posts about our South Carolina trip.

We finally got to Folly Beach. It took us 20 to 30 extra minutes at the very end of the drive.

Folly Beach is a barrier island with only one road going in and out of town. Since it was Saturday afternoon, tourists were traveling to the beach for their vacations or local people were going to the beach.

We got stuck in the traffic because of that back up.

1 (1).jpg

The sign welcoming you to Folly Beach

Since we were the first of our family to get to Folly, we picked up the keys and headed to the house. When we got to the house, there were two vehicles in the parking area. We were confused until Hubby went into the house. The vehicles belonged to the cleaning ladies. Whoever rented the house the week before had left a mess. It was taking them longer to get it clean.

So what did we do while they were cleaning? We went out to the beach. The Wee One was anxious to get into the ocean.

A little bit later, my mother-in-law showed up with food for us to cook. It was interesting trying to figure out how to use a gas stove because neither of us had ever used a gas stove before.

We sent out Hubby to the local store to get butter, ketchup, mayo, and mustard because we didn’t have any of that in the house. He came back with everything but butter. He heard the b sound so he thought we said buns.

As we sat down to eat, my sister-in-law and her family showed up. Fortunately, she had frozen some butter and had brought it down. She saved the day because we were eating corn on the cob with our dinner.

The rest of the evening was spent unpacking, walking on the beach, and sitting on the porch.

Here photos from the beach that evening.

collage #1.jpg

collage #2.jpg

collage #3.jpg

We had to be careful on the beach because there were loggerhead turtle nesting areas throughout the area. The Imaginative One even said he saw the flipper imprints of a loggerhead turtle close to one of the nesting areas. So cool.

Join me next Saturday when I attend church at the Folly Beach United Methodist Church.

Have a magical day,

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Seneca Park Zoo – Blog Post #4

Join me on Wednesdays for photos from my trip to Rochester, New York.

On Thursday, June 8, 2017, Molly and I went to the Seneca Park Zoo.

Hubby and I have a bucket list.  We want to visit an aquarium or zoo in every state.  Actually I want to visit the zoo or aquarium, he wants to geocache at the zoos or aquariums.  It’s a win win situation.

I was able to cross off New York of my bucket list when we went to the zoo.

When Molly and I got there, there were a bunch of school buses at the entrance.  The zoo is small so it was crowded.  Plus the animals seemed to be turned around so we saw a lot of animal butts.

Here are photos from the visit.  These photos are not in the order that I took them.

Acting like tourists – LOL!
The original zoo building
African decorations and the totem pole
polar bear
Polar Bears
olive baboon
Olive Baboon
Lion Exhibit – There was no lion in the exhibit.
greek salad
Greek Salad – The best salad I have ever found in a zoo.
goat - tiger
Tiger and a Goat
Eagle Exhibit – The ducks live in the exhibit
eagle statue
Eagle statue
baby organtanun
Baby orangutan
baby organtanun 2
Baby orangutan
Clockwise – From top left to bottom left – Rhino, Duck, Poison Dart Frog, Lemur
animals 2

From left to right – Alligator, Gecko, Wolf

African decorations

mechanical box

Join me next Wednesday for our visit to Lake Ontario.

Have a magical day,

Flight 93 Memorial – Part 2 – The Memorial

After we got done with the Overlook and museum, we drove down to the Memorial.  It was over 90 degrees so a walk from the Overlook parking lot to the Memorial was going to be unbearable.

The Imaginative One stayed in the car while I went out to the Memorial.  One of the park rangers was telling stories of some of passengers and how the plane just missed the elementary school by mere seconds.

The memorial was wonderful.  Each individual on the plane was given a individual wall on the Wall of Names.

There is a 5 ton boulder where the impact left a hole.

Click on this link for more information about the Flight 93 National Memorial.  If you get the chance to visit the memorial, I would recommend you visit it.


Have a magical day,

Flight 93 Memorial – Overlook and Museum – Part 1

If the plane flew for another 3 or so seconds, it would have hit the Shanksville Elementary School.

Last year, I shared my 9-11 story. This year I’m going to share my photos from visit to the Flight 93 Memorial.

Shanksville, PA is located 80 miles northeast of Pittsburgh on the Lincoln Highway. The Lincoln Highway was the first transcontinental roadway connecting New York City to San Francisco. The Imaginative One and I drove on the highway for 70 miles. It was twisty and turny throughout the drive. The views though were worth the drive. I wish I had photos of the some of the places we saw while driving on the highway.

We saw Fort Ligonier, a replica of the French-Indian War fort. It was so cool. We also drove past a castle and a giant joker. At one point, we were 2,640 miles above sea level.

This post is not about the Lincoln Highway. It’s about the Flight 93 Memorial.

The Imaginative One and I were traveling to Hershey, PA so I decided to make a stop at the Flight 93 Memorial.

Tears flowed from my eyes as I walked along the flight path to the overlook over the field where the plane went down.

It was a surreal and beautiful place. If you ever have the chance to go there, please do.

Today I’m sharing photos from the Overlook and the museum. Tomorrow I’m going to share the actual memorial.

I’m not to write any descriptions about these photos. I’m going the photos tell the story.

#1#2#3#4#5#6inside 2inside 3inside 4inside

Join me tomorrow for the actual memorial photos.

Have a magical day,

P.S. Remember those who were brave enough to save a town and a school full of children.

Mine, Mine, Mine – Day 3 Part 1

Join me on Saturdays for posts about our South Carolina trip.

Today we are going to visit the Reed Gold Mine in Midland, North Carolina. It’s located about 30 minutes away from Charlotte. Best of all, it’s free except for the gold mining which was $3.21 per pan.

collage #1.jpg

I often take photos of the boys when they have to sleep in the same bed on vacation. The Imaginative One was actually awake but pretended to sleep.

Then Hubby decided to jump on the bed so he could wake up the Wee One.

We were located down the street from the University of North Carolina. Once I realized we were driving past it, I could only take one photo of a random building on the campus.

So what is the Reed Gold Mine? It’s actually the first place in the United States that found gold. Gold was found in 1799, 50 years prior to the California Gold Rush. In fact, there are many former gold mines in the Piedmont area of North Carolina.

I thought of the Pocahontas song,

We went on the self guided tour of the area.

collage #2.jpg

Walking to the underground area of the mine – Such a beautiful area

Here is the inside of the mine:

collage #3.jpg

collage #4.jpg

collage #5.jpg

The Wee One did not want to go in the mine but changed his mind.

We enjoyed checking out the Upper Hill of the mine area. It’s above the underground mine so we had to be careful because there is still some open shafts. Fortunately there was signs reminding us to be careful or there were fencing around the open shaft areas.

collage #6.jpg

collage #7.jpg

collage #8.jpg

collage #9.jpg

We decided to have an impromptu photo shoot in front of the 1895 Stamp Mill.

collage #10.jpg

This is the 1895 Stamp Mill. A family from Springfield, Ohio decided to try to revitalize the Reed Gold Mine. They did find some gold but were not successful.

collage #11.jpg

Some signs and equipment on the land

collage #12.jpg

After exploring the mine, we panned for gold. Actually I watched the boys and Hubby pan for gold. They allowed me to get on the other side of the trough so I could get photos.

We found two gold flakes worth a few dollars at most. Still it was a cool experience.

collage #13.jpg

After we got done at Reed Gold Mine, we traveled down to Folly Beach.

collage #14.jpg

Taking photos at the Welcome Center to South Carolina. I love how they used the frame prop.

collage #15.jpg

Random Shots

Top – Outside the welcome center – They did not want to take the photo. I told them that one day they will appreciate it. The lady in the next swing said “Yes, you will.”

Bottom Left – They had Google Maps on a big screen.

Bottom Right – The Imaginative One was bored of my taking photos.

collage #16.jpg

Taking photos in front of the South Carolina map


Beautiful flowers outside the welcome center


The BBQ chicken wings and fries that the Wee One and I shared from Zaxby’s. Yum!

Join me next Saturday where I’ll finally be on Folly Beach.

Have a magical day,

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Sunset at Canandaigua Lake (Blog Post #3)

“Join me on Wednesdays for photos of my trip to Rochester, New York.”

After going to the mall, we went back to Molly’s house.  Her husband cooked us P.F. Chang’s lettuce wraps for dinner.  Yum!

Even though we wanted to go to Scoops for ice cream, we were too full.  That did not stop us from going to see the sunset at Canandaigua Lake.

Did you know that Humphrey Bogart had a summer home on Canandaigua Lake?  I found that piece of trivia.

Canandaigua Lake is known for their historic boathouses.  People cannot live in the houses.  It’s more of a garage for their boat with a little living space.  They are not allowed to have running water in the boathouses.

boat houses 2boat houses 3boat houses

random decorations on boat houses

Walking around the Canandaigua Lake Historic Boathouses (I was talking about the Red Lighthouse in Holland, Michigan.)

Molly and My Shadow – What a great way to get a selfie.  LOL!


Various signs at the pier

signssigns 2

Views of the Lake and Pier at Sunset

waterpiercollagecanandigua lakecanandigua lake 2

After we left the boathouse/ pier area, we went to the public park area.  There was an anatomically correct horse statue called Hanging Hoof.

hanging hoof

They had started to build a hotel but the hotel ran out of money.  It’s now a shell of a hotel.  Our running joke was that Molly was going to make me stay there because I could not pronounce Canandaigua.


More signs near the hotel area

signs 3

I have more photos of the Canandaigua Lake area that I’ll share in a future post.  We had a picnic lunch there on Sunday afternoon.

Join me next Wednesday for our visit to the Seneca Park Zoo where I got to cross visiting a zoo in New York off my list.

Have a magical day,

Flowers Galore – Day 2 Part 5

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Today we’re visiting the Greensboro Arboretum. We only saw a small portion of the arboretum. The arboretum is 17 acres with 3 different entrances. We went to the Ashland Drive entrance with the parking lot across the street.

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Walt Disney Elementary, Park Avenue, and the Mall (Blog Post #2)

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After Molly, my friend, picked me up from the airport, we went to to the Walt Disney Elementary in the Gates-Chili School District.  I wanted a photo by the sign.

I was shocked to find out the schools in New York were still in session.  The last day of school was not until the third week of June.

walt disney elementary.jpg

After we visited the elementary, we went to Park Avenue in Rochester.  Molly wanted me to try Stever’s Chocolates.  Boy, am I glad she did.  The chocolate truffles were delicious.

stevers chocolate

My chocolate truffles – Yum!


Since I had been traveling all day, I needed some caffeine so we stopped at a place called Cafe’ Sasso.  I got The Stone Roller as my drink.  Molly got herself a smoothie.

Cafe’ Sasso was a cool place.

cafe sasso.jpg

Molly and I then stopped at Sweet Sammie Jane’s Pastry Shop for macarons.  Molly had never tried one so this was a new experience for her.  I had a pistachio one.  She tried the birthday cake flavored one.

sammie jo's.jpg


Here are some more photos from Park Avenue:

park avenue 2park avenue 3park avenue electricalpark avenue


After we finished on Park Avenue. we went to the mall so that we could get her phone fixed.



Right next to the mall is a L.L. Bean store.  We enjoyed posing next to the giant boot.

ll bean bootll bean

After checking out the store, we went back to her place for dinner.  (No photos of the dinner.)

Then after dinner, we went to Canandigua Lake for the sunset.  I’ll be sharing those photos next week.

Have a magical day,

Jellyfish and Interactive Walls – Day 2 Part 4

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Today is our last post from the Greensboro Science Center.

Before we left for the day, we decided to walk through the aquarium. Boy are we glad that we did that walk through because we found the coolest room.

It had various tanks with fish divided into different ecosystems such as coral reefs. The jellyfish display were in this room. The neatest part of the room was the interactive walls.

fish in a fish bowl.jpg

This is the computer animated fish at the beginning of the cool room.


The jelly fish

lion fish.jpg

The lionfish – They had another area that you could climb into to get closer to the lionfish. The Wee One thought it was cool.


This was from that cool room.

Front top left to middle left, clockwise

Top Left – The wall that was the entrance to the room

Middle – A seahorse sculpture

Top Right – An interactive wall about coral reefs

Middle Right – Another interactive wall – This one is about adaptations.

Bottom Right – The sign listing all of the fish that were located in one of the tanks.

Bottom Left – Hubby trying out another interactive wall.

Middle Right – A light display on the floor.


More photos of the octopus

manta ray.jpg

The Wee One and Imaginative One wanted to touch the manta rays once again before we left for the day.

Here are some shots of the various fish, stingrays, eels, seahorses, and sharks that we saw in the aquarium.

random fish #2.jpg

random fish #3.jpg

random fish.jpg

fishing cat.jpg

The fishing cat – We did not get to see him earlier in the day. We were so happy that we got to see him that afternoon.


The penguin and golden lion tamarin


Some of the signs

Join me next Saturday as we explore the Greensboro Arboretum.

Have a magical day,

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