Fort Moultrie Part 2 – Day 9 Part 5

Click here and here for more information about the tour of the fort.

This video covers 1794 until the Revolutionary War era. We also walked around the park next to the fort. We were able to see Fort Sumter from the harbor which was cool.

I hope you enjoy this video.

Join me next week for a tour of Sullivan’s Island where Fort Moultrie is located.

Have a magical day!

Fort Moultrie Tour Part 1 – Day 9 Part 4

The rain stopped while we were in the museum. So, although it was wet outside, we were able to enjoy checking out the fort.

The fort tour begins with the World War II era and continues onto the Revolutionary War era. Today’s video only covers until 1794.

Click here and here for more information about the tour of the fort.

We enjoyed walking where the cannons were located. Since they were higher than the rest of the fort, the views from the cannons was remarkable. I also loved the fact the cannons had wheels and were able to be moved around easily.

I hope you enjoy this video.

Join me next week for the remainder of the tour of Fort Moultrie and the park next to the fort.

Have a magical day!

On the Way to Fort Moultrie and Inside the Museum – Day 9 Part 3

Since it was very rainy, we could not play on the beach. We had already decided to take the boys to Fort Moultrie. With the weather, it was the perfect day for this activity.

Fort Moultrie was the fort built during the Revolutionary Time period. When the British fired on the fort, it was half built. The fort was made from palmetto trees and was able to withstand the cannon balls. The battle was the first victory for the 13 colonies.

The fort was built and rebuilt over the course of almost 170 years. It was in use until after World War II.

We had to cross the Ravenell Bridge in the rain which was crazy.

Enjoy my video of our drive to Fort Moultrie and the museum part of the fort.

Next week, I’ll share the video of some of the fort. The rain ended up stopping while we were in the museum.

Have a magical day!

A Magical Birthday – Throwback Thursday

Around my 39th birthday, I realized my 40th birthday was going to be on a Friday. It was at that moment that I began to make a plan to travel to a new destination. I did not want a party.

Hubby and I began to make plans of where we could possibly travel. Disneyland, San Diego, and Seattle were all thrown out as destinations.

Finally, in January of 2015, Hubby made the final decision for where we would travel on my birthday. We were going on a Disney Cruise with stops in Nassau and Castaway Cay.

On the morning of my birthday, we got to the airport at the same time as the TSA agents. I was also the first person to get coffee from the airport Starbucks.

Once we landed in Orlando, it was time to get on the Magical Express so that we could get to Port Canaveral. At Port Canaveral, we checked in and then waited and waited and waited. We were in group 15, I believe, so it was a long wait. Hubby and I decided to help the Cast Member who oversaw crowd control, so she let us go in before our group was called which was magical.

My birthday consisted of eating a delicious lunch, riding down the Aqua Duck while yelling “I’m 40!,” exploring the ship, and getting pixie dusted.

Here are some photos of my fortieth birthday:

With the Donald Duck statue

Sophie – The Crew Member who Pixie Dusted me on my 40th birthday

Sunset on my birthday

The cool circular bathroom

More birthday sunset

Dressed up for my birthday dinner

The menu from the restaurant where we ate on my 40th birthday

My dinner – Scallops (I really did not like the scallops.)

My birthday cake

The crab that our blanket was folded into

I took many more photos. I had to be picky about which ones I was going to share today.

Have a magical day,

Around the House – Day 9 Part 2

As I said in my previous post, we had a rainstorm.  The outdoor photos in the video I am sharing today were taken before the rain began.

Enjoy my video of my of what we did at the house before leaving for the day.

Join me next week for our visit to Fort Moultrie.

Have a magical day,

Toledo Zoo Part 1 – Post #1

A week before I went to Hershey with the Imaginative One, Hubby and I were childless for almost a week.  We decided to go to the Toledo Zoo which was the last zoo I needed to visit in Ohio.  A couple days later, we visited the Newport Aquarium before heading down to the Boy Scout camp to pick up the boys. Continue reading “Toledo Zoo Part 1 – Post #1”