I MADE it – Blog Post #31

I hope you enjoyed the 31 days of eating gluten free.  I made it to the finish line but our time is not over.  I’ll continue to share gluten free recipes, favorites, and issues in future posts.

However it is now time to return to my regular blog.  (Insert pouty face.)

Tomorrow I will be continuing with my photos from my trip to Rochester, New York.  On Saturday, I may or may not be continuing with my photos from my trip to Charleston, South Carolina.  I had a hiccup in the road with the collages I created for those blog posts.


Before I go, let me tell you about the struggles I have encountered with eating gluten free this weekend.

Hubby and I went to the zoo this weekend.  There was nothing on the menu that was gluten free.  The fries were going to be contaminated with breading from the chicken tenders.  However I decided to get the salad with chicken on it.  Whatever was on the chicken had gluten in it, so I ended up with a slight headache afterwards.  Yuck!

Then on Sunday, I went to Red Robin so I could have a hamburger on a gluten free bun.  The Southern Charm is so delicious.  It took us almost 40 minutes for me to get the burger and allergen free fries.  I understand they were busy but that was ridiculous.

Yesterday I ate some seasoned fries.  Headache again.  This time it was my fault.  I should have avoided them but I just couldn’t.  Lesson learned.

So I am not perfect eating gluten free.  I’m trying to be but it’s not always easy.

Until next time. . .

Have a magical day,

A fall visit to the local market and Mom, What’s for Dinner, Week of October 23 – Blog Post #23

This weekend, I took the Wee One to the Second Street Market.  They were having a free pumpkin decorating event.  Since he is 12 years old, I decided to take him because it would probably be the last time he would be able to do the decorating.  He did not want to go at first but then ended up having a blast creating Jeff, his pumpkin.

They had feathers, stickers, pom poms, rolling eyes, and pipe cleaners to use to decorate your pumpkin.  You could use a nail to help poke holes in your pumpkin so you could add the feathers and pipe cleaners.  Since the Wee One is older than most of the children, I allowed him to safely poke holes in his pumpkin.  He had a blast doing that.

The final product – Jeff the pumpkin

There is one vendor we go to whenever we are at the Market.  They have the best granola and jams.  The Wee One enjoys picking out a jam or jelly while I get my favorite granola.

Another vendor at the market sells hand crafted Popsicle.  The Wee One enjoys squeezing Wilbur the pig.  He was not going to get a Popsicle at first but then changed his mind when he saw the cookies and cream one.  I got the apple cider flavored one.  It was fantastic.

Some of the other things we saw while we were at the market.

The Wee One had fun when we were at one of the veggie vendors had beets and turnips.  He told the Wee One to turnip the beet.  The Wee One responded by picking up some of the beets and gently dropping them.  He told the vendor “Drop the beet” in which the vendor laughed.  Such a good memory.

After we were done at the market, we ran some errands.  While we were at Walmart, we saw this Mickey and Minnie display.

Haunted Mickey and Minnie


A co-worker gave me the big pumpkin on Friday afternoon.  Check out the size difference between Jeff and the Big Pumpkin.

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Checking In – Gluten Free Diet – February 21 Update

I have been trying to avoid gluten for 3 weeks now.   For the most part, I’m doing a pretty good job with it.

Then there are the times I screw up unintentionally and end up with either my stomach hurting or a headache.  It’s usually a headache that occurs which is a pain.

  1.  Steak and Shake – I found a list of gluten free foods on the web.  I ended up with the biggest headache after eating it.  People had commented on the post there is a possibility of cross contamination with the shake machine.  Next time I won’t order the milk shake.
  2. My granola – I read the ingredient list over and over again.  I missed the fact there was malt barley in the granola.  Once I realized it, I stopped eating the granola.  I ended up with a slight headache and stomach ache afterwards.  (My mom took the bag of granola so I wouldn’t waste it.)
  3. Soup – I ordered a corn chowder at a local farmer’s market.  It had roux of flour.  Luckily once I figured it out, I took it home and Hubby finished it.  I still ended up with a headache afterwards.



I’ve also had some successes with eating gluten free.

  1. We had a progressive dinner for Valentine’s Day through my church.  I ate and ate that night.  They had a lot of gluten free options.  I ended up eating meat and cheese and veggies for my appetizers.  Barbecue for my dinner minus the roll.  And chocolate dipped cherries and strawberries for my dessert.  I was worried I wouldn’t be able to eat anything.
  2. Our belated Valentine’s Day dinner – We went out to bd’s Mongolian Grill.  I highly suggest it if you have a gluten allergy.  They label which sauces are gluten free and will cook your food separately in the kitchen.  The soups and desserts are not gluten free so be aware of that.  I ended up eating a shrimp and steak stir fry with lots of veggies.  I used their sweet and sour sauce and brought my own gluten free soy sauce.  We went to Cold Stone Creamery for my dessert.  I got a mint chocolate mix in without the brownie.  I loved the fact I had a great meal out without a headache afterwards.  (It also helped I got to see one of my former students while we were out.)

Image result for cheering gif

The next step is to see a doctor about this gluten issue.

Have a magical day,

Disney Quotes to Live By

I have a favorite quote that I say all the time.  It’s a simple quote that has a lot of meaning for me.  It’s “Hakuna Matata.”  The quote simply means “No worries.”

We live in a world where there is constant worry.

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Visiting the University of Louisville and Dinner

After we left the Muhammad Ali Center, we went to the campus of the University of Louisville.  One of my students played football there from 2010 until 2014.  Since I was down there, I wanted to visit the campus.

While we were at the Muhammad Ali Center, I talked to one of the people who worked there.  He knew who my student was which was totally cool.

It’s a totally beautiful campus.

There is an art center by where we stopped to visit the campus.  Outside the art center was different statues that I thought were cool.

A giant wishbone

The beautiful fall foliage on the campus

As I was walking around, I took a photo of the band they gave me to wear while I was in the Ali Center.  I love the saying – “Be great – Do great things.”

Here is more of the campus – So beautiful in the middle of the city

The sunset – I took this photo as we were driving down the highway.  I think it came out great.

We then got to our hotel and needed some dinner.  We ended up at this Mexican restaurant called Mi Pueblo Mexican Cuisine.  We had the best service.

We were the only ones in the restaurant until another customer came into the restaurant.  They were friendly from the get go and were cheerful.  We ended up leaving them a big tip when we left.

They gave us a sample of a street taco they were testing out.  Pretty yummy!

After dinner, we headed back to the hotel room and just relaxed for the evening.

While we were relaxing, I figured out how the Wi-Fi works on my camera.  I had tried to figure that feature out for the past month.  I love it because I can download the photos onto my phone.  So cool.

I can also use my phone to take photos remotely.  Yeah!  I’ve wanted a remote for my camera for a while.

On the next blog post, we are gong to visit the Highlands area of Louisville for breakfast and then the Louisville Zoo.

Thanks for reading my blog!

Have a magical day!




Coca Cola Barbecue Ranch Wraps (Day 5)


Welcome to Day 5 of 31 Days of Slow Cooking!

Yesterday I was talking another co-worker about my first year of teaching.  Somehow one of the other special education teachers got permission for the students on my caseload to go on their swimming field trips and community field trips.  That’s never happened since that first year.

One of my favorite of the field trips was the one where we went swimming, Cub Foods, McDonald’s, and then to see Emperor’s New Groove.  I don’t know how we got by with that kind of field trip.  We certainly could not do that now.

When we were at Cub Foods, we were suppose to be given a tour of the grocery store.  That didn’t happen so we divided the students into groups and walked them around ourselves.  I was not familiar with the layout of the store and ended up taking my group of students down the alcohol aisle.  To be honest it was drinks with a small section of alcohol in the middle of the aisle.  One of the students pipped up “My dad drinks that stuff.”  At that point I walked even quicker down the aisle.

On that day I was mortified but now I can laugh about it 16 years later.

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I’m not going to be posting any weekly menus for the next three weeks.  We are currently just eating out of the freezer because I have a lot of food stock piled in the freezer.  Hubby expressed his concern with the amount of food we have in there so I’m going to be use some of the food up.  Plus there is another reason I’m not going to menu plan but I won’t discuss it until a later time.

Hubby and I are having issues with using the slow cooker for our dinners because he is either forgetting to turn it on low when he’s been asked to do it by me or I make the mistake of turning it on high instead of low because I think I’m using one crock pot but I’m using another crock pot.  Don’t ask.

Anyway after our last issue with the crock pot, I went on Amazon and got us a new crock pot that is digital.  Sweet!  I already have one that has the automatic timer.  The problem is that it is huge and it only gives me two choices for the low temperature and two choices for the high temperature.  With this crock pot I can set the exact time I want and whether I want it to cook on low or high.


Now I’m going to start looking for new crock pot recipes for the write 31 in October.  I’m going to do another 31 days of crock pot recipes.  I’ll type of the recipes on my Google Drive between now and then.  I’ll also upload the pictures of the recipes to the Drive.  Once October comes around, I’ll then share those recipes.  The recipes will be ready to go but not the blog posts.  Those blog posts will be fresh material so that I’m following the guidelines for the write 31.  (Although I may put some notes on the Google Drive when I’m typing up the recipe.)

Here is a link to my new crock pot.  I’ll share my impressions of it after using it for a while.

Happy eating,

Pressure Cooking

On Christmas Day, Hubby and I got an electric pressure cooker from his mother.  I had never used a pressure cooker before Christmas.  We used it to make the green beans for our Christmas Dinner.

Once it got to our house, it got sat on a bench in our kitchen but not used.  The reason it wasn’t used was because I really did not know what I was doing with the pressure cooker.

This weekend I actually moved it from the bench to the counter.  We’ve had soup on Friday night.  I’ve also cooked a roast in the electric pressure cooker for tonight’s dinner.  Later I plan to make some potatoes in the pressure cooker.

My joke is that I can’t make great mashed potatoes or hard boiled eggs the traditional way.  I’ve been “hard boiling” eggs in the oven for 2 years now.  This morning I attempted to make hard boiled eggs in the pressure cooker.  The Imaginative One told me they were delicious.  Success.  I’ll share the method I used to make the hard boiled eggs later.

I’m hoping I’ll have the same success with my mashed potatoes for tonight’s dinner.

pressure cooker

Here’s my new pressure cooker.  Most people are getting the Insta-Pot but since this was a gift I’m not complaining.  The problem is there is not much information about the Bella Electric Pressure Cooker on in the Internet.

As I experiment with the pressure cooker, I’m going to share some of my recipes I’ve made.

Here are some blogs that are good starting points if you are going to start pressure cooking:

  1. Mel’s Kitchen Cafe – She had a blog post the other day discussing pressure cooking.
  2. Pressure Cooking Today – Lot’s of good recipes
  3. Hip Pressure Cooking – There is a beginner’s “class” for pressure cooking on this blog site.  The author of this blog shows you different ways to use your pressure cooker.
  4. Dad Cooks Dinner
  5. Pressure Cooker Diaries

What are your thoughts on pressure cooking?

Happy eating,

Weekly Ramblings – November 8, 2015

I usually do the weekly ramblings on Saturdays.  This week I’ve decided to do this blog post on Saturdays.

This week I’ve posted three recipes for the Countdown for Thanksgiving series.

Countdown to Thanksgiving

  1.  Creamy Mac and Cheese is a new favorite of ours.  It’s a delicious side dish or even as a main dish for a meatless Monday.
  2. Creamy Fruit Salad is a favorite of mine.  It’s my own version of a salad from a local meat market.
  3. Makes It’s Own Gravy Turkey Breast and Easy Gravy is a main dish my mother-in-law raved about for a week after I served it to her.

Creamy Mac and Cheese #2

Landes Meats Creamy Fruit Salad

Makes It Own Gravy Turkey Breast (Pics deleted by accident)
Makes It Own Gravy Turkey Breast (Pics deleted by accident.)

I also reposted my Aunt Janet’s Pecan Cookies this week.

My Aunt Janet's Pecan CookiesThe boys and I have started what the Imaginative One calls the proto-types of the Christmas baking.  On Friday night, we made peanut butter blossoms.  The batch is almost gone because it’s one cookie we can’t can’t stop at one.

Yesterday Wee One and I tried out a candy recipe.  It’s an easy two ingredient recipe.  The candy is also delicious.

On my Timewarp today, I found a recipe I posted 6 years ago for a pumpkin spice cream cheese.  After church today, I went and got the missing ingredient for the recipe.  I had 3 of the 4 ingredients at the house.  I will posting the recipe later this week.  It’s absolutely delicious.

This morning I also made Honey Vanilla Creamer for my coffee.  It’s absolutely delicious.  It’s another recipe I’ll share in the next couple of weeks.

I haven’t forgotten my promise of a giveaway after the 31 day challenge.  The giveaway prize has been bought.  However, I am going to delay the challenge until after the holiday mailing season.  The giveaway will be in January.

I’ll see you tomorrow with our weekly menu!

Happy eating,