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An Ode to My Grandpa

I've been de-cluttering my house.  While I was cleaning up, I found many photos of family and friends. One of the photos I found was of my grandpa in his favorite chair. 1.  The mug probably had coffee in it. 2.  Near the coffee mug is a white dish.  That is his ashtray for his… Continue reading An Ode to My Grandpa

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Summer 2018 Accomplishments

As Phineas and Ferb say, “There's 104 days of summer vacation And school comes along just to end it So the annual problem for our generation Is finding a good way to spend it.” I don’t have 104 days off this summer.  I have about 70 days off this summer.  So, what do I want… Continue reading Summer 2018 Accomplishments

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My Kitchen Reorganization

As I mentioned in my June 3 - Monday Menu Monday post, my aunt came into town.  While she was here, she helped me reorganize my kitchen. I did not take photos of my kitchen before she organized my pantry / kitchen.  So, these are only after shots. Previously, there were two plastic 3 tier… Continue reading My Kitchen Reorganization


My Favorite P!nk Songs Part 2 (The Truth About Love Album)

P!nk's last two albums are my favorite of hers. I have so many songs that I can listen to on repeat. "Are We All We Are" is just a fun song to listen to in the car. When the song begins to play, you can't help but to sing along with her. "Blow Me (One… Continue reading My Favorite P!nk Songs Part 2 (The Truth About Love Album)


Another Health Update

I've discussed my health on previous blog posts.  Every since November 2017, I've had abdominal pains especially after I eat especially after meats, greasy foods, or big meals. I went to the Emergency room in early December because I had the pains for five days.  They told me that I was low in potassium, dehydrated,… Continue reading Another Health Update


Songs that were my jam 30 years ago

1988 - The year I became a teenager.  So many events happened to me during that influential year.  In early February of that year, I was a 12 year old who did not think when I went sledding.  I ended up breaking my left leg in 2 places.  20 years after the devastating break, I… Continue reading Songs that were my jam 30 years ago


Another visit to my doctor

I've been dealing with health issues for the last few months. These health issues have been mentioned in various blog posts.  (Trip to the ER, Clifton Mill’s Twinkling Lights, and 2018’s word of the year) Last Wednesday, I had a follow up with my doctor before I go to the GI doctor on the 29th. I had… Continue reading Another visit to my doctor