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Chattanooga, TN – Way Down (Part 1)

During Spring Break 2019, we traveled down to Chattanooga. While there, we enjoyed the scenic views of Lookout Mountain. We also visited Ruby Falls, the Tennessee Aquarium, and the Chattanooga Zoo. We also looked for ghosts and ghouls on a ghost tour. Enjoy our spring break/ 20th wedding anniversary trip.

We left on Monday morning after getting the boys ready for the day. It was only 22 degrees. My short sleeves and jean jacket didn’t keep out the cold. I couldn’t wait to be in a slightly warmer area of the United States.

When we got to Cincinnati area, we ended up in a back up which is usual for that area. We were relieved when we got past Florence, KY area so that we could stop at the rest stop.

It was a quick stop because it still was in the 20’s. I was freezing.

Our next stop was in Berea, KY. There is an artisan center there so we quickly made a stop there. I always enjoy looking at some of the wares they sell there.

We changed drivers in Berea so Hubby could take a quick nap. Hubby usually drives on our road trips. I’ll drive occasionally. Of course, this time I ended up having to drive through construction which was annoying at points. Workers were out working so even though I was annoyed with some of the other drivers I was happy to see them out.

Our next stop was the Tennessee welcome center. We walked around for a while. Then I made my lunch to eat on the road.

We made 3 more stops before getting to the Tennessee Aquarium. One was to get gas. We also stopped at the scenic overlook and then at a rest stop to make Hubby’s sandwich.

Here are some photos from the scenic overlook.

After we got through Knoxville, we kept seeing signs stating I 75 was closed at the I 75 / I 24 intersection. We didn’t know what had happened but knew we needed to find a detour because that was our exit. Luckily, I found an alternative. Later I found out part of the bridge railing had fallen onto the highway. They had to close down the highway to get the debris off the road.

Join me next time for our visit to the Tennessee Aquarium.

Stay kind!

Have a magical day,

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