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9 Things I Accomplished This Week – The Spring Version

Here is a list of what I’ve accomplished this week. This is an unusual week because I’m on Spring Break. We traveled this week so some of these not what I typically do in a week.

#1 Not Getting Sick

Students and teachers were getting sick right and left last week. The stomach flu was rampantly invading our school. Victims were falling left and right. I was arming myself with elderberry capsules and Lysoling my room constantly. I may have a touch of it but I never fell ill.

#2 Falling Down at 2 Major Attractions

While trying to take photos at the Tennessee Aquarium, I fell while trying to take photos of the otters. I also fell/ tripped while passing a group of people at Ruby Falls in Chattanooga, Tennessee. What a wonderful accomplishment. No one was hurt in either incident.

#3 Hopping between 2 States

We visited Chattanooga, Tennessee which is within spitting distant of Georgia and Alabama. We never traveled to Alabama because there wasn’t any attractions or major towns/ cities that were within a half an hour of where we were staying. Georgia is a different story. We traveled to Georgia to eat lunch on Wednesday. Instead of hopping back onto the backed up 75, we took a different route. We found the sign for the state line. So we parked the car, got out, and took photos. I hopped into Tennessee and then back into Georgia.

#4 Watched a Show and Then Took a Photo With Some of the Cast

We went to a dinner theater on Sunday before our trip. The family and the rest of my fellow church members who also went with us saw Joseph and the Amazing Technicolor Dream Coat at a local dinner theater. Afterwards some of the cast came to the lobby. I decided to get my photo with a few of them.

Our town’s weather decided to play an April fool on us . It went down to the 20’s and 30’s on Sunday and Monday. When we left on Monday, it was 22 degrees. So that’s why I have a winter coat on in this photo. I still was cold.

Oh and that’s the Oldest siting in the background.

#5 Finding 4 People Who Have Been to Our Hometown

We are notorious for talking to people while we on vacation. When people ask we are from, we usually tell them Dayton, Ohio. They either know Dayton or they don’t. We have to tell them we’re about an hour west of Columbus and an hour north of Cincinnati.

Not this time, we found 4 people who knew where we are from which is cool.

1st was at Ben and Jerry’s. He had lived in a town 20 minutes from us.

2nd was the tour guide at Ruby Falls. He had been to the Ohio Caverns which are an hour north east of us. He had also been through our town.

3rd was at Rock City. He was from South Carolina. His son is engaged to a girl who’s hometown is ours. They had just gone on a trip to the area.

4th was also at Rock City. He was from the Canton area but had visited our town.

So cool to find these people while on trip.

#6 Walking almost 15,000 steps in one day

I know I walked a little more after I screen shot this accomplishment. We had gone to Ruby Falls, Rock City, the Incline, and Point Park all in one day. My calves were feeling it.

Plus this was on my phone. I don’t know how accurate it actually is at times.

#7 Finding Spring

I swear to goodness gracious – I haven’t found spring where I live. It’s been either cold, rainy, or warm but not enough for flowers to begin to grow. It was not until I was on 75 in Kentucky did I see the start of flowering trees. I was so excited.

#8 Seeing an Underground Waterfall

We visited Ruby Falls which is the United States’ tallest Underground Waterfall.

#9 Seeing 7 States at One Time

When you are at Rock City, the one attraction is a cliff overlooking 7 states – Alabama, Tennessee, Georgia, Kentucky, South Carolina, Virginia, and North Carolina. All states I’ve visited before.

Tonight we are off to a ghost tour of the Chattanooga area. Tomorrow it’s breakfast with a family member before heading home. We’ve been gone long enough for the Youngest to actual miss us. He’s been a pain lately so the time away has made him miss us or maybe he misses his technology.

Stay kind!

Have a magical day,

5 thoughts on “9 Things I Accomplished This Week – The Spring Version

  1. Wow, what a fun week! Definitely good that you didn’t get sick otherwise you never would have been able to enjoy all of those accomplishments (though I’m sure you would have been fine without the falling episodes.)

  2. Rock City used to be advertised on every barn across the mid-west in the 60’s. It’s pretty famous. I also know exactly where Dayton is. It’s home to Wright Patrick Air Force Base the associated pretty famous Air Force Museum. Isn’t it the largest, second only to the Boneyard in Arizona? Dayton is along west I-70 on the way to Indiana. (I’m from Indiana)
    I hurt my pulled a muscle so didn’t spend much time at computer this week, so no Mama kat.

    1. Yes, I live 5 minutes from the base and 10 or so minutes from the museum.

      Hubby talked about Rock City being on barns when he was a teen in the 80s. He secretly wanted to check it out. Finally 30 years later, he did get to see it. He was impressed with it.

      I don’t remember the barns growing up. Travel was minimal and usually to Virginia to see a family friend.

  3. What fun, Traci!

    And, like you, I’ve waiting for Spring to arrive; have been outside in my garden checking for signs of returning plant life. The only glimmer of hope were a group of Jonquils just down our road, always early Spring risers.

    Local gardeners keep warning everyone to NOT clear away brush just yet (until temps sit at least at 50 degrees) as butterflies, bees and other pollinators are overwintering in the dead leaves. So, wait, I will.

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