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Chattanooga, TN – Rock City – Part 3 (Part 8) – More of Rock City

During Spring Break 2019, we traveled down to Chattanooga. While there, we enjoyed the scenic views of Lookout Mountain. We also visited Ruby Falls, the Tennessee Aquarium, and the Chattanooga Zoo. We also looked for ghosts and ghouls on a ghost tour. Enjoy our spring break/ 20th wedding anniversary trip.

  1. Way Down
  2. Rivers Journey – Tennessee Aquarium
  3. Ocean Journey – Tennessee Aquarium
  4. Downtown and Pedestrian Bridge
  5. Ruby Falls
  6. Rock City – Grand Corridor
  7. Rock City – The Overlook

Here is more of our visit to Rock City.

Hubby and I decided to go and find the lower pathway after visiting the Overlook. The first order of business was to cross the suspension bridge.

We went one direction and then realized we were going the wrong way so we crossed the bridge a second time. I didn’t mind it the first time because I was the only one on the bridge. It was scarier the second time since there was another person on the bridge with me. Hubby thought it would be funny to dance on the bridge.

We finally found our way towards the lower walk pathway. First you need to walk through an area with shops.

Here we found the tightest area to walk through which was the Fat Man’s Squeeze.

More of the aera

More of the scenery from different vantage point

Rainbow Hall

The Waterfall

More of the scenery

Join me next time for the last post about our visit to Rock City.

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