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5 Reasons to Love Fall

This morning I made some pumpkin spice latte syrup so I could make myself a homemade pumpkin spice latte.  After I put the syrup in the cute bottle I got from Meijers, I started dancing around the kitchen singing “Pumpkin Spice” to the tune of “Jingle Bells.”

Sorry there isn’t a video of me dancing around while singing a crazy song.


Spring and fall are my two favorite seasons.  Both are transitional seasons with beauty.  Springs with the flowers and new growth and fall with the changing of the leaves.

Here is a list of reasons to love fall:

#1 – Pumpkin Everything

I don’t know if the taste of pumpkin or the spices that are typically used to make those goodies.  One of my favorite taste profile is the warm spices – cinnamon, nutmegs, and cloves.  Those spices dance on my tongue.

Tonight I’m looking forward to the Young’s Dairy pumpkin bread with the soup we are having for dinner.

#2 – Thanksgiving

Last year my gallbladder saga began on Thanksgiving evening.  I had two dinners that day and woke up very sick in the middle of the night.  I’m hoping that doesn’t happen this year.

This will be the first year that I’m eating vegetarian at Thanksgiving so it will be interesting on how I handle it.  As of right now, I’m already dreaming of eating my Creamy Mac and Cheese on Thanksgiving evening.  Yum!  Maybe I’ll be good eating all of the yummy side dishes.

Oh and I can’t wait to eat White Salad.  Yum!  Thanksgiving isn’t Thanksgiving without White Salad.

#3 – Soup Season

It’s finally time to eat lots of soups.  We are having chicken noodle soup and vegan noodle soup for dinner tonight.

I attempted to make a vegetarian chili last night.  However it burned.  Not only did it burn, it continued to “cook” even when I took it off the burner last night.

#4 – Trees Turning Colors

I love seeing the trees change colors during the fall.  So gorgeous!

#5 – Apples, Apples, Apples

Not only do I like the taste of pumpkin, I love the taste of apples.  There are so many yummy foods you can make using apples.


What I don’t like about fall?

The extreme weather we have in Ohio.  Right now we are in a tropical depression because of Gordon.  It’s been raining ALL day!  Yuck!

We had a heat wave last week.  Who knows what kind of weather we will have next week.


What do you like about fall?


Have a magical day,


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