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New Concord, Ohio (S-Bridge and Garland Hotel)

After I left the John and Annie Glenn House, I went to find the S-Bridge.

Instead of turning left onto the Main Street in New Concord, I turned right and ended up driving and driving and driving.  Finally I turned around.

Once I found it, I missed the turn in at the parking lot so I had to turn around once again.  Then I missed it a second time so once again I had to turn around.

However once I parked the car, it was worth all of the hassle.

So what is the S-Bridge?  Click this link for more information.


After visiting the S-Bridge, I went to my hotel for the night.  I stayed at the Garland Hotel which is located at the New Concord exit off of I70.

I would highly recommend staying at the hotel.  The only problem is there really is no food near by.  Zanesville is about 10 miles to the west and Cambridge is about 10 miles to the east.  If you can, bring a frozen dinner or already cooked meal that needs to be microwaved.  They have a mini fridge and microwaves in all room.

I ended up staying at the hotel for the remainder of the day until I needed to leave the next morning.

My room:



All of the rooms had a balcony.  Mine overlooked I-70.


Random views from around the hotel:


They had fresh baked cookies and breakfast the next day.


I enjoyed my stay at the Garland Hotel.  For my room which was an interior room, it was less than $100 which is a great price for a nice hotel.

There was a sign about the land across the street being zoned for restaurants.  I think a restaurant or two would be a good asset to the area.

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