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5 Reasons to Love Fall

This morning I made some pumpkin spice latte syrup so I could make myself a homemade pumpkin spice latte.  After I put the syrup in the cute bottle I got from Meijers, I started dancing around the kitchen singing "Pumpkin Spice" to the tune of "Jingle Bells." Sorry there isn't a video of me dancing… Continue reading 5 Reasons to Love Fall

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2018’s word of the year

In 2017, my word of the day was bucket list.  It was definitely a bucket list type year. This year my word of the year is Health. I've been struggling with my health for the past month.  I've mentioned it in several blog posts. I'm going to give you an update of what I know… Continue reading 2018’s word of the year

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2017 – The Year of the “Bucket List”

Last January, I decided my 2017 was going to be known by the phrase bucket list. So was this year the year of the "bucket list?" In 2017, I had so many different experiences some that could be said were part of my bucket list even though I do not have an official bucket list.… Continue reading 2017 – The Year of the “Bucket List”

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P!nk’s New Album and Mom, What’s for Dinner? – Week of October 15, 2017 – Blog Post #16

We are now on the downward swing of my Write 31 2017.  Yeah! My favorite artist is P!nk.  I adore her.  Her music is the soundtrack of my life. On Friday, I got her newest album, Beautiful Trauma.  I already have favorite songs that I've played on repeat a million billion times. Everyone interprets songs differently. … Continue reading P!nk’s New Album and Mom, What’s for Dinner? – Week of October 15, 2017 – Blog Post #16

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How a Coke Saved the Day

I'm sitting here at the computer trying to write a blog post using one of the writing prompts that were provided.  My brain is blank.   Maybe it's the fact that I'm tired.  Being woken up from a deep sleep by a snoring husband caused my tiredness.  He literally laid in bed and began to snore… Continue reading How a Coke Saved the Day

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Disney Quotes to Live By

I have a favorite quote that I say all the time.  It's a simple quote that has a lot of meaning for me.  It's "Hakuna Matata."  The quote simply means "No worries." We live in a world where there is constant worry. Is my medical procedure going to turn out all right? Am I going… Continue reading Disney Quotes to Live By

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Visiting the University of Louisville and Dinner

After we left the Muhammad Ali Center, we went to the campus of the University of Louisville.  One of my students played football there from 2010 until 2014.  Since I was down there, I wanted to visit the campus. While we were at the Muhammad Ali Center, I talked to one of the people who… Continue reading Visiting the University of Louisville and Dinner


Our Autumn Beauty Maple Tree

We have only once deciduous tree in our yard.  It's a autumn beauty maple (at least I think that's the name of it).  It gets gorgeous during the fall.  It has not completely turned yet.  However since the lighting is great outside today (sun shining), I decided to take some pictures of it. Enjoy the… Continue reading Our Autumn Beauty Maple Tree