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Do It Yourself -Snacks and Desserts

I’ve been revisiting my Do It Yourself posts from the past 5.5 years of this blog.  I’ve already revisited my DIY Drinks, Coffee, Creamers, and Breakfasts.

Today I’m going to revisit my Do It Yourself snacks and desserts.

In future posts, I will revisit my DIY spice blends, random kitchen hacks, butter, sauces, spreads, and bread.

While perusing my blog posts, I realized I don’t have recipes for salad dressings, even though I’ve homemade dressings hundreds of times.  So in the next months, I will try different dressings recipes and then post recipes.  This will be especially helpful when the spring/ summer is finally here.  That’s when I crave salads the most.

I’m going to continue working on finding new flavors for creamers.  I’m enjoying making my own creamer.

I hope you enjoy these DIY snacks and desserts.  Our favorites from the list are popcorn, whipped cream, make-ahead chocolate chip cookie mix, and brownies.


microwave popcorn
Restaurant Style Salsa
Buffalo Wing Hummus


Homemade Whipped Cream
Make Ahead Chocolate Chip Cookies
Make Ahead Chocolate Chip Cookies Mix
homemade brownies
Homemade Brownies

I hope these Do It Yourself snacks and desserts help with your snack attacks.

Happy Eating,

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