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Pantry Challenge Recipes

Here are some recipes that can be made from items in your pantry.


Instant Oatmeal Mix  – Add any add-in you want, and you have a delicious breakfast

Fruit Smoothie – Use any frozen fruit on hand, juice, or even yogurt.  Be as creative as you like.


Sloppy Joes – As long as you have some hamburger in your house, you can whip up some sloppy joes.  If you have enough time, you can make homemade hamburger buns to eat the Sloppy Joes.  Save some of those sloppy joes for a Sloppy Joe pizza later.


Baked Spaghetti – Again, you can use whatever meat you have in your fridge or freezer.  Use whatever cheese you have in your fridge – maybe not bleu cheese.  If the cheese is not shredded, shred it yourself.

Ranch Chicken Legs – As long as you have chicken (it doesn’t have to be just legs – use chicken breasts or thighs), Bisquick or something similar, and a dry ranch dressing packet (or the ingredients to make your own), you can cook this simple main dish.

Taco Crescent Bake – You can switch this to cooked chicken or ground turkey.  You can try different cheeses.  This is a great main dish.  Don’t have tortilla chips but have tortillas; make your own chips.

Orange Chicken – I usually keep the ingredients for this simple dish in the freezer (popcorn chicken) and pantry (orange sauce) for an easy meal.

Crockpot Ribs – You can use this same method for chicken or a pork roast.  Use whatever barbecue sauce you have on hand.

Spanish-style chicken noodle soup – This recipe calls for raw chicken.  I’ve made it with cooked chicken.  You can use frozen corn or canned corn.  You can use dried black beans or canned black beans.  If you use dried beans, make sure you prep them beforehand.

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