Don’t Be a Grinch

As I looked over the prompts for today, I have posted on one of the prompts previously.

One of the prompts is about Christmas traditions.  Two years ago, I wrote about our traditions.  Not much has changed with the traditions.  The boys help a little more with making the Christmas treats.  They have their favorites.  In order to stop as much fighting, they make their own tray of the Rolo pretzel treats or their own batch of Lumps of Coal.  Even with having their own, there is still some fussing with each other which can be annoying.

One of the prompts was show your Christmas tree.  My tree is up with the Santa hat on top but it’s not decorated.  Oops!  So you might not want to see that.

Another prompt is tell what you like about winter.  My answer would be “When it’s over” so that would not be an interesting post.

I finally settled on the prompt inspired by the word Grinch.

We are going way back to Thanksgiving 2016 for this story.

Hubby had been wanting to go to Universal Studios in Orlando for many years.  He wanted to see Diagon Alley and Hogsmeade so we made plans to go during my break.

Suess Landing is in Islands of Adventure.  During the time we were in Suess Landing, we met Cat in the Hat, Thing One, the Lorax, and Sam from Sam I Am.  We also met the Grinch.

While we were talking with the Grinch, the Wee One told him that he needed to steal Thanksgiving not only Christmas.  He told him that he, the Grinch, would get more food if he stole Thanksgiving.  It was a cute and precious moment.


This photo became our Christmas card last year.  I had chosen a different photo but when Hubby’s aunt saw this photo, she suggested we use this photo instead.  I told everyone who received the card to not be a Grinch.

There is a photograph of the turkey he is talking about in this blog post.

So everyone don’t be a Grinch on Christmas.  Show love to all you meet.

Happy Holidays,

4 responses to “Don’t Be a Grinch”

  1. I love that you put a Christmas hat at the top of your tree. I’ve never seen anyone do that before! And the Grinch Christmas card is perfection!

    1. My father in law played Santa for 40 plus years. Last Sunday was the 4th anniversary of his death. The hat is in tribute to him.

  2. Hahaha nice Christmas tree & traditions. Feel free to read and comment to let me know your thoughts on my blog. Merry Christmas!

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