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I’m The Third Tallest?!?

4. Write a blog post the ends with the sentence: I had a feeling that would happen.


Three years ago, the Imaginative One and I spent the last full day in Disney together.  We went to Animal Kingdom and then EPCOT.

While we were in EPCOT, I decided to get a photograph of him and I together.

I told the Photopass Cast Member, “Soon I won’t be able to stand behind him in a photograph because he will be taller than me.”

Mom Nick Epcot #2

The Imaginative One has tried to recreate this pose.  However during the past three years, he has grown taller.

Now he’s taller than both Hubby and I.  He calls me the “Third tallest person in the house.”

Here is a photo of us from his confirmation.

Nick and I

I had a feeling that would happen.  (Him being taller than me.)

P.S.  Last week, I talked about the Imaginative One telling me that I was ruining his education by telling him to put down the book.  His brother decided to take our towels and sheets out of the hall closet.  He also took a shelf out of the closet.

Hubby found him in the closet reading a book.   He had a little lantern in with him so he could see.

I’m so fortunate to have readers in my house.

Have a magical day,

Mama’s Losin’ It

4 thoughts on “I’m The Third Tallest?!?

  1. That sounds like my oldest! =) He is growing like a weed and always bragging about almost passing me up height wise. He is always sneaking around to read as well. Congrats on raising book worms! ❤

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