Meet My Family

When I started this blog, my youngest was five years old and my oldest was almost seven. I always called the youngest the Wee One because he was a tiny little human until recently. He is now taller than me and almost as tall as his dad. My oldest who used to be known asContinue reading “Meet My Family”

Through the years

Back in 1996, I had the pleasure of meeting the boys’ godfather. We were on the same dorm floor. Even though his ex-girlfriend was my roommate, our friendship remained. After I met my husband, they also became friends. When the boys were born in 2003 and 2005, we made the decision to have Dave, ourContinue reading “Through the years”

Fight On, Fighter

Fight On, Fighter for KING & COUNTRY I was there on the day that you were changedYou were scared and prepared for the heartbreakEverything you knew faded out of viewStole a piece of you If I could, oh, I would be a heroBe the one who would take all the arrowsSave you from the pain,Continue reading “Fight On, Fighter”

What is Forgiveness?

So, what is it? When I looked it up in the dictionary, the definition states that it is the “act of forgiving” or “state of being forgiven.” This is so broad and just reuses the word in the definition. So, huh, what is forgiveness? I then looked up the synonyms of the word forgiving, theContinue reading “What is Forgiveness?”

Mom’s 50 Boyfriends

Imagine driving through the mountains. There is nothing to do but to keep looking outside at the lack of real scenery except for a few places where you could see some landscapes.            There is no where to stop because the exits are few and far between. You are so bored.            It was atContinue reading “Mom’s 50 Boyfriends”

I Granted Her Mercy

          Three years ago, and almost 2 months ago, my life changed. It was dinner time. We were getting ready to eat so that we could go to see Weird Al Yankovic.        My phone rang and I saw that it was my mom. I didn’t always answer the phone when she called. I wouldContinue reading “I Granted Her Mercy”

The Worse Morning Ever

Last Saturday morning was probably the worse morning ever. I did my usual routine of calling my mom. Usually I call her once or twice and then she would call me back. On that morning, I called her number 12 times. 12 times! So I drove over to her apartment. Mail had piled up whichContinue reading “The Worse Morning Ever”