The Imaginative One’s Confirmation

Last Sunday, the Imaginative One was confirmed at our church.  He was the only 7th grader.  The other two young men that were confirmed are in the 8th grade.

When I was confirmed back in 1988, I was a 7th grader and the other ones were 8th graders.  I think it’s cool that we both had similar confirmations.

From January until last week, Nick was on hiatus from weekend camp trips so that he did not miss very many classes.  He ended up missing two because of an ear infection and then for his cousin’s confirmation.

This weekend he was able to go away.  He went to a leadership camp for DeMolay.

Here are some photos from his confirmation:

Nick and I
One of the other members of my church took this photo of the Imaginative and me.
The beautiful flowers on the table with the cake.
Grandma trying to get his corsage on.
Listening to the pastor give them instructions.
The family
Brotherly Love
Singing during Children’s sermon
Getting ready to be confirmed
When he was being confirmed – The Wee One was hiding in front of me.
Getting his cross and Bible
A present from the pastor
He now has offering envelopes.
Fatherly advice
The Wee One wearing his brother’s tie around his head.
The Imaginative One and his godfather


Nick and I #2
During the passing of the peace, I gave the Imaginative One my usual kiss on the top of his head.  He’s giving me the evil eye after I gave him his kiss.

Hubby and I are so proud of the Imaginative One.

Have a magical day,

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