The Boys’ Top 5 Favorite Christmas Treats

As soon as Thanksgiving is over, we will start our annual Christmas making and baking.  The boys look forward to this annual tradition.

Hopefully, this tradition becomes a favorite childhood memory.  I know they look forward to the treats and have been begging for “test runs” of some of their favorite treats.

Here are some of their top 5 favorite treats I make every year:

 Mock Thin Mints – The Imaginative One loves this treat.  This year I need to get a picture of this treat.

Christmas boys

#1 – Watermelon Cookies – We changed up the flavors of the Kool-Aid we use in the cookie.  I highly suggest a flavor of Kool-Aid such as cherry for red cookies.You can use green sugar for a cookie that looks festive.

#2 – Peanut Butter Blossoms – This is one treat the boys have already begged me to bake for them.  They love to help with rolling the cookie balls in sugar and then putting the Hershey Kiss on top.  The batch of cookies we baked were eaten within 3 days.

#3 – Snickerdoodles – This is one of the Imaginative Ones favorite cookies.  We roll them in green and red sugar to make them more festive.

#4 – Rolo Turtles – This is another treat the boys begged me to allow them to make.  They like the turtles with M&M’s instead of pecans.  We made a small batch on Monday.  We divided them up into 3 parts so that they each only had a certain amount to eat.

What are some of your favorite holiday traditions?

Happy Eating,

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