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Wednesday Evening – Blog Post #1

Welcome to my newest travel series!

The Imaginative One’s 14th birthday was while he was at Boy Scout camp down in Kentucky.  I decided to take him for a road trip after the Boy Scout Camp to celebrate his 14th birthday.

He had wanted to go to Hershey Park for five or more years so that is where we decided to go on this road trip.

I have already blogged about visiting the Flight 93 Memorial which was our first stop on the trip.

After visiting the Flight 93 Memorial, we continued on our journey to Hershey.

We stayed at the edge of Hershey almost in Palmyra.  It made it nice because we were able to take the back way to the park without the traffic of Hershey proper.

Our first stop in Hershey was at Chocolate World.  We rode the factory tour ride which is free.

Afterwards we got dinner.  I had a bbq pulled pork with slaw and a chocolate bbq sauce and roasted potatoes.  The Imaginative One had mac and cheese and a chocolate shake.

We also did some “window” shopping before we headed over to Hershey Park for an evening of fun.

This series will include visiting the park on both Wednesday evening and all day Thursday.  We also visited Chocolate World on Thursday morning and Friday morning.  On Friday afternoon, we traveled to Gettysburg for a couple of hours.  Then we traveled back to Ohio via Maryland.

Have a magical day,

Oh and the bunny in the video was sitting by a door at the hotel we stayed at in Hershey.  Even though the Imaginative One was excited to be in Hershey, he loved seeing the bunny.

Please leave me a message so I know you came and visited.

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