Trip Home from Hershey – Blog Post #10

After we were done with Gettysburg, we traveled south to Maryland.  The Imaginative One had never been to Maryland.

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Chocolate World, Again, and Trolley Ride – Blog Post #8

The next morning, we packed up and then headed back to Chocolate World.
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The Rest of the Day at Hershey Park – Blog Post #7

Once the Imaginative One and I met back up, we went to the Boardwalk which is the water park in Hershey Park.
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Wandering Around Hershey Park ALONE – Blog Post #6

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ZooAmerica – Blog Post #5

After I allowed the Imaginative One to go off on his own, it was my turn to explore the park.  He would not be happy with his mom not wanting to ride all of the roller coasters.  I like roller coasters but some are too much for me and it was really hot.  (90s)

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Thursday Morning at Hershey Park – Blog Post #4

After we were finished with Chocolate World, we crossed over to the Hershey Park area and then waited in line before entering the park.

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Back to Chocolate World – Blog Post #3

The next morning, we got up and ate breakfast in our room.  Even though they had coffee in the lobby area of the hotel, it was only okay to drink.

I opted to go to Chocolate World to get coffee from there before heading over to Hershey Park.

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Wednesday Evening – Blog Post #1

Welcome to my newest travel series!

The Imaginative One’s 14th birthday was while he was at Boy Scout camp down in Kentucky.  I decided to take him for a road trip after the Boy Scout Camp to celebrate his 14th birthday.

He had wanted to go to Hershey Park for five or more years so that is where we decided to go on this road trip.

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