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Wednesday Morning Sunrise – Day 7 Part 1


I’m so excited to start to share the blog posts of Wednesday of our trip to Folly Beach.  We did some cool things on Wednesday such as visiting White Point Garden at the Battery and the Citadel.

As usual, I began the morning with a walk along the beach.  On Wednesday, I took a mini walk instead of the longer walks I took on Tuesday and Thursday mornings.

There is not much to talk about the walk.  The photos speak for themselves.

Right next to us was a big beach house with a lawn.  The house was HUGE with a multi car garage.  There was a walk way with lights that automatically came on.  Plus it was multi-leveled.

We were curious about the house because of that lawn and the fact the lights that came on.  It was loggerhead turtle mating season so lights were supposed to be off at night.

I’m known for Googling stuff.  We found out that the house was built mainly to be rented for weddings.  However large families could rent the house for the week.  (I’ve provided a link for more information about that house.)

Even though the house next door to us was interesting, I like where we stayed for the week.

Join me next week for when I go to downtown Folly to another favorite restaurant of mine.

Have a magical day,

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