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Flight 93 Memorial – Overlook and Museum – Part 1

If the plane flew for another 3 or so seconds, it would have hit the Shanksville Elementary School.

Last year, I shared my 9-11 story. This year I’m going to share my photos from visit to the Flight 93 Memorial.

Shanksville, PA is located 80 miles northeast of Pittsburgh on the Lincoln Highway. The Lincoln Highway was the first transcontinental roadway connecting New York City to San Francisco. The Imaginative One and I drove on the highway for 70 miles. It was twisty and turny throughout the drive. The views though were worth the drive. I wish I had photos of the some of the places we saw while driving on the highway.

We saw Fort Ligonier, a replica of the French-Indian War fort. It was so cool. We also drove past a castle and a giant joker. At one point, we were 2,640 miles above sea level.

This post is not about the Lincoln Highway. It’s about the Flight 93 Memorial.

The Imaginative One and I were traveling to Hershey, PA so I decided to make a stop at the Flight 93 Memorial.

Tears flowed from my eyes as I walked along the flight path to the overlook over the field where the plane went down.

It was a surreal and beautiful place. If you ever have the chance to go there, please do.

Today I’m sharing photos from the Overlook and the museum. Tomorrow I’m going to share the actual memorial.

I’m not to write any descriptions about these photos. I’m going the photos tell the story.

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Join me tomorrow for the actual memorial photos.

Have a magical day,

P.S. Remember those who were brave enough to save a town and a school full of children.

Please leave me a message so I know you came and visited.

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