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Another visit to my doctor

I’ve been dealing with health issues for the last few months. These health issues have been mentioned in various blog posts.  (Trip to the ERClifton Mill’s Twinkling Lights, and 2018’s word of the year)

Last Wednesday, I had a follow up with my doctor before I go to the GI doctor on the 29th.

I had an ultrasound done on my gallstone on the 3rd of this month.  The ultrasound shows no blockage.

Blood work was done on the 29th.  The blood work showed no problems with my kidney, pancreas, and liver.

However, I am still having problems with feeling nauseous after eating.  At least once a week, I have a really bad day where I feel like CRAP.  Friday was one of those days.  Between my hip hurting because of my pinched nerve and my stomach bothering me, I was in tears before lunch time.

Image result for pain meme

It was not a good day for me.


Back to the doctor’s appointment on Wednesday.  I have been officially diagnosed with chronic gallstones without inflammation.

So what are the next steps?  I’m supposed to get a HIDA scan which I’m waiting for them to call me for the appointment.  On th 29th, I’m going to the GI doctor.  Besides that, all I can do is wait and try to eat the best I can.

Red meat is out because I got sick on the 11th to the 13th because I had some hamburger for dinner on the 11th.

Most everything makes me feel like CRAP.  Carbs for the most part do not make me feel bad.  I also am drinking a lot of smoothies in the morning so I can keep my potassium up.  My potassium level is fine now but I know when I feel the worse my potassium level will go down.  That’s what happened when I went to the ER.

Smoothies for the most part do not bother me so I made 23 smoothie packs yesterday.  My current smoothie is either mixed fruit with pineapple, strawberry, mango, and peaches or a berry blend, greens, and oj.  I also put chia seeds in the smoothie.

Some fresh veggies and fruits do not bother me for the most part.

I’m just dealing with the pain as best as possible.  When my stomach tells me to stop eating, I need to stop eating.  Overeating causes issues.

When I talk to my GI doctor on the 29th, I need to speak to him about me eating gluten free and if it is related to the gallstones.  I also read that constant itching could be a symptom of gallstones.  My legs look awful because I have itching fits where I can’t stop scratching them because they itch so bad.

Pieces of a puzzle are falling into place.

Have a magical day,

P.S.  Surgery is a possibility.

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