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Honeoye Lake (Blog Post #15)

After Molly, her husband, and I finished our time at Canandaigua Lake, we dropped him off at home before heading out once again.

Molly and I went over to Honeoye to see her childhood home and then the lake.

Honeoye Lake is one of the smaller finger lakes.  There is also a swimming area of the lake where Molly learned how to swim.

We also drove past the high school where she graduated.  Her mother also taught English at the school  In fact, she had her mother twice as a teacher, once as a junior and once as a senior.

After visiting Honeoye, we went and got ingredients for our dinner.  Then it was back to her house to hang out for the remainder of the evening.

I only have two more blog posts about my trip to Western New York.  The next travel blog post series is going to be about the Imaginative One and my trip to Hershey, PA.

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