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Morris Island Lighthouse – Day 6 Part 3


On Tuesday afternoon, Hubby and I decided to go see the Morris Island Lighthouse.  The lighthouse is located to the east of Folly Beach.  It is dangerous to actually go on the island where the lighthouse is located.  However you can get a great view of the lighthouse from the beach on the far east side of Folly Beach.

Our beach house was located on the west side of the beach so we drove to the east side of the beach.  Luckily we found great parking.  While getting in and out of the car, I made sure I was not bitten by red ants.  When we went to the lighthouse in 2013, I ended up getting bitten by red ants.  We had to stop somewhere to get an anti itch lotion.  Yuck!

It’s a long walk to the beach with the view of the lighthouse.  Before Hurricane Hugo, there were houses further down the road we were on.  Now there is just shells of those houses.

The long hot walk is so worth it when the lighthouse comes into view.  Sometimes you can see dolphins out there.  We saw them in 2013 when we visited the lighthouse.

Enjoy the video I created of our walk to the Morris Island Lighthouse.

Join me next time for an evening out with my niece and the Imaginative One.

Have a magical day,

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