Mom’s First Time at Second Street Market

My mom had never been to Second Street Market.  I had a chiropractor appointment on the first.  I had not been to the market for a while so I thought that after the chiropractor appointment I would go down there for lunch.

I decided a Thursday afternoon close to the opening of the market would be the best time for my mom to experience the market for the first time.

She had a blast while there.  


Checking out the Lebanon Bologna.

Our lunches – A gyro salad and a cabbage roll – The cabbage roll was made the same way her grandma had made it.

Fresh Produce at one of the vendors

Flowers at another vendor

Dirty Harry’s Lemon Popsicle from Sweet P’s – Delicious!



I hope you enjoyed the photos from Mom’s first time at Second Street Market.

One response to “Mom’s First Time at Second Street Market”

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