Oakes Quarry

One of our favorite places to walk is Oakes Quarry. It’s a reclaimed limestone quarry that has the most interesting landscape. Last night, the Scouts decided to meet there for a social distance walk / get together after not seeing each other for months. I joined along so that I could take photos. Instead ofContinue reading “Oakes Quarry”

Trauma Informed Care/ Teaching

Three weeks ago, the most unbelievable disaster occurred in our area. Fifteen tornadoes tore through the area. One was an EF-4 tornado that traveled 19 miles and had a width of 0.7 miles at it’s largest point. Another one was an EF-3 that traveled 10 miles.

An Oasis in the Middle of Destruction

One of the hardest hit areas of Dayton was near the Wegerzyn Gardens MetroPark. Part of the park was destroyed in the tornado. The gardens were untouched with the exception of some plywood.

Memorial Day 2019 Tornado

Actually I should say tornadoes. Yesterday was a beautiful day. High 60’s/ low 70’s, cloud cover most of the day so it was not too hot.

Dayton Masonic Center – Lots of Photos

Many years ago, I would visit the Dayton Masonic Temple, as it was known, for Rainbow events. We were only ever allowed on the first and basement. The top floors were off limits and forbidden because we were girls. That was the men’s area.