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The Boys’ Last Day of School Photo Shoot

May 31st was the boys’ last day of school.  My tradition is to take photos on the first and last day of school each year.

When the Wee One walked into the house, he informed us that he was going to relax the next day and then start cleaning the day after that.

Enjoy the photos.

The shoot started out normal – at least as normal for the boys.
Then the silliness began.  The Imaginative One was talking about his scar on his leg.  They were supposed to be showing what grade they were going to be beginning in August.
The Imaginative One was telling me a story about his color blind teacher.
Goofiness and Cuteness all rolled into one.
There are no words for this photo.


I can’t believe the boys are going to be going into the sixth and eighth grade in August.  I am going to have two middle schoolers.

I hope you enjoyed our last day of school photo shoot.

Oh and the Imaginative One was chosen by his class as being a “Ravenous Reader.”  He’s extremely proud of that fact.

He does not like to smile right now.  I told him that there was going to be no chocolate or ice cream this summer if he did not smile.  So I got a little bit of a smile from him.

Have a magical day,

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