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The Way Down

Join me on Saturdays where I’ll share my photos from my road trip with my mom.


During my spring break, Mom and I took a road trip.  I allowed my mom to pick where we were going to visit.  She decided on Berea, Kentucky because she had a friend who lives there.

Berea is an hour south of Lexington.  It’s located off of Interstate 75.

We opted to take a different route instead of taking the more direct route of Interstate 75.  It took longer to get there.  However, we were glad we took the indirect route because we got to see some interesting places on our drive down.

Jungle Jim’s is a favorite of ours.  I was so excited to see the other Jungle Jim’s because I had only been to the one in Fairfield, Ohio.  The second stop of the day was at Jungle Jim’s.  (The first was the McDonald’s in Waynesville.  My mom had never been to Waynesville which is a cool little town.)

Mom opted to wait for me in the car while I ran into Jungle Jim’s since I was going to go in and out.  Enjoy the photos of my quick visit to Jungle Jim’s.


The next stop on the way down was at Ulysses S. Grant’s birthplace in Pt. Pleasant.  The house was closed for the season so we were unable to visit the house.  However, we enjoy seeing the outside of the house.

The original bridge over the creek next to his house was built in Brookville, Ohio.  My mom lived in Brookville for 20 years so that tidbit was interesting.


We continued down the Ohio River scenic byway.  Mom and I enjoyed reading the different signs.  One of our favorites was “Fat Man’s Dream Restaurant.”  We also saw a house that looked like a steamboat.  I wish there was a place to stop and take a photo of that house.

Our next stop was Ripley, Ohio.  Ripley is known for the John Rankin house.  John Rankin with the help of John Parker helped slaves escape from slavery.  It was one of the most active stops on the Underground Railroad.

We did not stop at the Rankin House because we knew it was closed for the season.


While we were om Ripley, we stopped at a place called Rockin’ Robin.  It was an old fashioned soda parlor.  Soda jerks made the sodas just like soda jerks did back in the 1950’s.

I ordered a marshmallow Coke.  It was delicious.


We did not stop anywhere else during our drive down to Berea.

Join me next Saturday for more of our visit.

Have a magical day,

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