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Summer Reading Program

Every year, the boys sign up for the summer reading program.  We try to do as many of the programs as possible.  However with our schedule and the fact the boys are considered teens, they won’t be doing a lot of their programs this year.

The Imaginative One signed up on the first day of the program and was the first child to finish the first 8 hours of reading.  He did it withing 2 days of the program starting for the summer.  The librarian knows him so she did not doubt the fact he read 8 hours in 2 days.




Looking for the perfect book.
He’s been listening to the story on Overdrive.  He finally decided he wanted to read it for himself.
He had a gift certificate from his confirmation so we went and got him the book he really wanted to read.
Mom, I’m done with the first 8 hours of reading.

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