Random Photos From Our Thanksgiving Trip – The Way Down

I’m not including the these photos in the Universal/ Disney blog post series.

Sometimes the trip back and forth to your destination can create some of the best memories.  That is certainly true for our trip in November.

We left for our trip 10 minutes after I arrived home that Friday.  We watched the sunset while on the road, got stuck in a traffic jam in Cincinnati, and then had my skid plate half fall off in Kentucky.  We had to stop at 3 different exits to try to fix it.

Here are photos from the first part of our trip down to Florida.

The sunset between home and Cincinnati – And the traffic jam in Cincinnati
Our stops in Kentucky – We were also listening to Harry Potter in preparation for our trip to Universal.
Tennessee – It was midnight when we got to Chattanooga. They still insisted on reading before falling asleep.

The next morning was freezing.  We drove through Georgia and Florida before reaching our destination.

The Imaginative One and I enjoyed eating breakfast together and then he had to show off how tall he is by stretching out on the bed.


We weren’t far from the Georgia border so one of our first stops was the rest stop to get photos with the Welcome to Georgia sign.


We did not have good fall foliage in Ohio so I was glad to see pretty fall foliage in Georgia.  As we were driving through, I took a lot of photos of the trees.



Some random dude walking on the side of I-75


The drive through Atlanta was not that bad.  We do not like stopping in Atlanta because of the crazy traffic.


We decided to stop at a Zaxby’s for lunch.  The Zaxby’s was about 9 miles away from I-75.  The drive to the Zaxby’s was absolutely gorgeous.



The Zaxby’s was located in Jackson, Georgia.  Jackson is located in Butts County, Georgia.  We had some fun with the sign at the welcome center.


Photos of Jackson, Georgia and the drive back to I-75


Finally we were in Florida.





Join me next Wednesday when I share photos from our trip home from Orlando.

Have a magical day,

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