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“Baked” Apples

Hubby and I love the baked apples at Frisch’s Big Boy.  When we go to eat there, we usually will order the apples as one of our side dishes.

I also like fried apples.  However I don’t usually have fried apples properly so this is an easy alternative.

You need to use a good cooking apple when making the “baked” apple.  When I made it, I used jonagold apples which was a good apple to use for this recipe.

When I made these apples, I first cored the apples and then peeled the apple.  (It really doesn’t matter which order you do it in.)  Then I cut the apple in half and then each half into fourths.  So I ended up with 8 slices per apple.

“Baked” Apple

adapted from Simply Recipes

Stars of the recipe:

  • 3 to 4 baking apples, peeled and cored
  • 2 to 3 Tbsp. of granulated sugar
  • 1 to 2 tsp. cinnamon
  • 2 Tbsp. maple syrup


  1. Slice the apples into 6 to 8 slices each.  (Depending on the size of the apple.)
  2. Place the apple slices in a microwavable bowl.
  3. Sprinkle sugar and cinnamon over the apples.
  4. Microwave for 5 minutes.  (Add more time if the apples are not tender.)
  5. Drizzle maple syrup over the cooked apples.
  6. Enjoy!

I ended up adding more cinnamon to my apples.  I love lots of cinnamon.

Happy eating,

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