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Pressure Cooker Hard Boiled Eggs

As I have said previously, there are a few items that I cannot cook to save my life.  Hard boiled eggs are one of those items.

I’ve shared my technique for making them in the oven.  This is my technique for making the hard boiled eggs in my pressure cooker.

You need a steamer basket in order to make the hard boiled eggs in the pressure cooker.  This is a link to the one I have.

Pressure Cooker Hard Boiled Eggs

Pressure Cooker
Hard Boiled Eggs

Stars of the recipe:

  • eggs
  • 1 c. water


  1. Place how many eggs will fit comfortably on your steamer.  (Mine fit 6.)
  2. Pour a cup of water over the eggs.
  3. Set the electric pressure cooker to pressure cook for 6 minutes.
  4. Quick release the pressure cooker once the eggs are finished cooking.
  5. Place the eggs in cold water and allow to cool.
  6. Enjoy in your favorite recipe!

We are using the eggs to dye eggs using Kool-Aid.

Happy eating,


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