Thanksgiving Menu with Printables

Countdown to Thanksgiving

It’s a week until Thanksgiving so I thought I would share my menu for next week.  I’m including the grocery list and a printable of the menu with links to all of the recipes on my two cooking blogs.

The grocery list is divided into different areas of the grocery store.  It also has a key to all the recipes so you can cross out the ingredients you don’t need if you are not going to cook those recipes.

You could also visit my Countdown to Thanksgiving for other recipes if you would like something different then what I put on my menu.  🙂

665566_10200175426371816_185399719_oFor starters, I’m going to have a veggie tray and a relish tray.  I’m going to have carrots, celery, cucumber, and sweet peppers on the veggie tray.  I’m going to make or buy some ranch dip and hummus for the veggie tray.  I’ll probably put out some peanut butter for the boys.  They love celery with peanut butter.  I got black and green olives, bread and butter and dill pickles for the relish tray.  Simple but delicious.  🙂
I’m going to make the veggie tray on Wednesday so it’s ready.  The relish tray won’t take long so it will be done right before people come on Thursday.

My mother-in-law is making the turkey.  I’ve provided a great recipe for a turkey breast recipe.  It also includes an easy gravy dish.

Onto the yummy part of the meal:
On Wednesday, I’m going to cook the stuffing, macaroni and cheese, and mashed potatoes.  They are going to be put into baking dishes to be warmed up on Thanksgiving.
On Thursday while I’m serving Thanksgiving lunch to the veterans, I’m going to have the green bean casserole, sweet potato casserole, and honey glazed carrots cooking away.
I’ve already cooked up the cranberry relish and froze it so it’s one less dish to worry about.

I included two breads with the menu.  One is a sweet bread baked as muffins.  We love Young’s Dairy pumpkin bread around here.  I’ve decided it would better served as muffins for Thanksgiving.  You certainly bake it ahead of time and then freeze it.  Take them out of the freezer on Wednesday to thaw out.
The other bread is my pull apart dinner rolls.  You need a bread machine for these rolls.  If you don’t have a bread machine, fill free to change up the bread with already bought rolls.  Anything to make your life easier.  I’ve already made the dough and then flash froze the rolls.  I’ll pull those out of the freezer on Wednesday and then let it rise and then bake them before leaving to serve the veterans.

I have 3 desserts and homemade whipped cream on the menu.  You could make these desserts on Tuesday and then store them in the fridge until Thursday.  Grandma’s White Salad is better when it sits for a while.  The other two recipes are for the Makes it’s Own Crust Apple Pie and Pumpkin Pie Sheet Cake.  I would make the whipped cream on Thursday morning though.  It doesn’t take long to make – five to ten minutes.

I hope you enjoy my Thanksgiving Day dinner menu and it’s a blessing for you.


ThanksgivingDinner (1)

Happy Eating,

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