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Menu Plan Monday – October 5, 2015

Since I’m doing the 31-day writing challenge about slow cooker recipes, I’ve decided to have most of my meals cooked in the slow cooker.  I don’t include Saturdays and Sundays on the menu because weekends are always up in the air with what we actually eat.


Monday – pork chops with Rice a Roni, veggies

Tuesday – pumpkin chili with pumpkin cornbread

WednesdaySlow Cooker Chicken and Dumplings

Thursday  – Green beans, ham, and potatoes

FridayPinto beans and ham with northern cornbread

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I'm Hungry

On Mondays during the challenge, I will feature a recipe from my blog and another blog that features slow cooking.  This way, you’ll see more of my blog, and you’ll get to check out another blog.

The week of October 19th, I will feature several recipes from my blog because that week is parent-teacher conference week.  That week is rough, so I will adapt what I’m going to blog about that week.

Recipe from my Blog

Okay, the recipe I’m featuring from my blog is Pinto beans and ham.  This is a very economical recipe, especially if you use dried pinto beans and leftover ham.  You just need to remember to soak the beans the night before.  (I usually use cranberry beans, just like pinto beans.)  We are going to have it on our menu for this week.  I can’t wait until Friday night.  🙂

Blog Spotlight

As I was perusing the Internet for recipes, I found The Magical Crockpot.  I’ve only started looking through all of her recipes, so I’m going to list two recipes that have caught my eye.

  1. New Year’s Day Black-Eyed Peas – This would be good with the Pork and Sauerkraut I make for New Year’s Day.
  2. Chicken Philly Cheese Steak – I love the Great Steak and Fry Company.  The one at the local mall closed down, so I can’t get my fix.  😦  My favorite sandwiches were a chicken with pineapple and chicken cheese steak.  This recipe would be a way for me to get my fix at home.  I would pair it with homemade French fries.

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