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It’s Not Just About a Numbers’ Game

To read about my weight loss journey, here are the links. Part 1, Part 2, Part 3, Part 4, and Part 5.

During my first weight loss journey, I played what I called a numbers’ game. I was obsessed with the amount of calories in what I was eating but not the nutritional value. I would then play the game of it “This doughnut is only 200 calories.” to rationalize why I was eating a doughnut. Then I would make sure I would eat 200 less calories later on the day. Another trick I would do was look at a bag of potato chips and then divide it into smaller portions. “7 chips equals 70 calories so I’ll only eat that many.” I didn’t care about how much fat was in the chips. All I cared about was the amount of calories.

I really didn’t learn anything about how to eat healthier. So it was easier for me to to not maintain my weight in the long run.

Then there was the year I gave up drinking pop. I gave it up cold turkey and did great. After a year, I picked up my first can and gradually began drinking it again. Not a good thing – I was able to maintain my weight and my teeth were in great shape while not drinking pop. Soon I was drinking a pop a day, sometimes 2 pops a day. My favorites changed from time to time. By the time I stopped drinking pop 2 months ago, my favorite pop was Coke.

As I stated 2 months ago, I opened my last pop and drank a sip or two. Then I decided it was not worth it and gave it up once again cold turkey. I gave my Coke bottles to my sister-in-law so I don’t have the temptation.

I’ve started on another weight loss journey. I decided not to just focus on the calories even though I do look at the calories of different foods especially when I’m eating out so I can make the healthiest choices. My changes have come from eating differently and healthier. I’ve eaten new things in the past month and have discovered new flavors – kale and quinoa are two of the things.

I also found Slender Kitchen. She has meal plans that are based on weight watchers. It’s what I’ve been looking for. I’ve got plans for breakfast, lunch, and dinner. Do I follow them exactly? No but at least I’ve got a starting point. In the last two weeks I’ve followed those plans, I’ve lost five pounds! I’m feeling quite satisfied with the food so there is no overeating. Some if the recipes are simple and others require some prep time.

I do realize you need to worry about the calories you are eating versus the amount you are burning. For me, I need to focus on learning how to eat healthier.

Next step in my journey is learning how to be more active.

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