My Journey part 1

Five and a half years ago, I saw my weight creeping upwards. My youngest was almost 2 and the “I’m going to lose the weight when he’s 1 no longer applied.” It was time for action. Memorial Day 2007 was the official day I decided to take over my life.

But at that time, I believed and thought I almost needed to starve myself in order to lose the weight. I joined Spark people and realized I needed to eat differently not starve myself.

I kept eating some of the same foods but in smaller quantities. It became a numbers game instead if a real lifestyle change. (I love math so this was perfect for me.).

My biggest supporter was my maternal grandma. She and I would talk daily about life and what I was going to cook for supper.

By the time, I was back at work that fall I was down almost 30 pounds and wearing the smallest pant’s size that I had ever worn as an adult.

Then October of 2007 came and my life completely changed forever. . . .

To be continued

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