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Do the Traci

Today’s writing prompt is ” If someone were to say they “pulled a (insert your name here)” what might they have done? “

I asked one of my students “If someone pulled a Mrs. (insert last name), what would they be doing?”

This is her response. Mind you she has known me for the past 2 school years so she knows some of my habits.

  1. Eating weird foods.
  2. Dancing

My students are always saying I eat weird things such as yogurt, fresh veggies, cacao nibs, hummus, olives, and pickles. So if you were to do the Mrs. (insert last name), you would eat weird food that students don’t like.

I’m such bad dancer but that doesn’t stop me from attempting to dance. In my room, down the hall, and in front of the office window are some places you might find me dancing. People smile, shake their head, or just tell me to stop dancing because it’s embarrassing. So if you were to do the Mrs. (insert last name), you will be dancing while eating the weird food.

If I was to say do the Traci, you would also be exploring the world around you. I enjoy finding new places to explore whether it is in my town or somewhere new.

If I was to say do the Traci, you would also be taking photographs whether it is while you are exploring somewhere close or far. You would be also photographing life.

So if you were to do a Traci, you would either be eating weird food, dancing, exploring, or taking photos or doing a combination of all of those.

Update on my room: My room is almost all packed up for the school year. Now all I have to do is label my furniture and fill out some paperwork.

Overflowing trash can
Yesterday afternoon

Today’s progress:

Stay kind!

Have a magical day,

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