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Sometimes Life Needs to Slow Down

Today I chose the writing prompt – Write about something that surprised you.

I’m not going to write about my car being broken into the other day. Yes, that did surprise me. And yes, it did surprise me that we had cleaned it out so there was nothing in the car except for coffee mugs, trash, flossers, my lunch bag, a stinky gym bag, and a towel. And no, it did not surprise me that Hubby did not lock my car even after I asked him to do that. (Don’t ask why it didn’t surprise me.)

Him in December 2018

Let me preface this story with this bit of information: We have always said that Oldest wouldn’t have the gumption to ask a girl out on a date. His first date would be a result of the girl asking him out.

He is my miser. He loves money but doesn’t like spending it unless it’s our money that he is spending. Even then, he will still be scrooge like so that he can keep the change. On one occasion, he left with so much money but ended up coming back with more money than he started with. I don’t know how that is possible.

Oldest has told me that he would rather save money rather than spend money on girls.

Last fall, he had a girl who had a crush on him. She is in his Kung Fu class. They were just talking. Hubby and I were wondering if he would want to go on a date with her. Then we stopped hearing anything about her.

I mentioned it sometime during the winter to him and his friend. I found out the girl had “gone out” with another friend of theirs. However, that friend dropped her for Fortnite. Got to love high school boys.

A week ago Monday, Oldest asked me our plans for the weekend. I told him that we had none.

Later that night, he asked me if he could go to a local arcade/ entertainment center with someone from Kung Fu that Saturday.

All week, I tried to get the details about his plans. Who are you planning to meet at this arcade? Is it this person? Or is it this person? His usual answer was a grunted I don’t know.

Finally on Friday, I demanded he reveal the identity of the person he was going to to the arcade with the next day. He told me that it was that girl.

I allowed him to go with her. Her grandpa was picking him up and was going to chaperone them so they were not going to be left alone.

My child had his first date. Are they going to go on another date? I don’t know. He’s a teenager so I’m not going to push it. I know they are still just talking.

After he was picked up on Saturday, I drove over to my mom’s apartment to pick her up. While I was waiting for her, I cried a few tears. I was happy for Oldest but I was also wishing life would slow down. He’s growing up so quickly.

Stay kind!

Have a magical day,

P.S. He texted me today, Wednesday, asking for money for Waffle House. His school is taking state tests so they are on 2 hour delay schedule. He doesn’t have any state test tomorrow morning so he and his buddies are going to walk to Waffle House for breakfast before class. Once again, he is growing up so quickly.

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