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Random Thoughts

Welcome to the writer’s workshop day. I had to chose a topic to write about. I was little torn this week between a few of them. For example, I could write a blog post inspired by the word pair or something my child has said that made me smile. The third choice was to write about my favorite musical artists from back in the day. So what did I choose?

Write about something your child said that made you smile. This is not about the Oldest or the Youngest. Instead it’s about one of the students at my school. He has higher functioning autism. Every day, he wants to make sure he has an excellent day. So I make sure, I give him 2 thumbs up whenever I see him.

I wore a dress the other day. He told me I looked nice and then he asked me “How did you get that way?” I thought it was so cute.

I also helped him with buttoning up his button down shirt. When I got done, he told me “gracias.” Then he told me that I needed to say “de nada.” So cute.

Oh, wait. While I was writing this blog post, the Oldest just walked into the living room and informed me he might be going through a growth spurt because he’s been starving. He ate 4 pieces of chicken for dinner last night. I don’t know I’m smiling about another growth spurt because he is already 5 foot 9.

Pair The other day I was looking for my shoes before heading off to work. Our house was a mess because the boys were getting new flooring in their rooms. All of their contents of the rooms were strewn throughout the hallway, living room, and even driveway. Somehow one of my Toms was on one side of our sectional while the other one was on the other side. The same thing happened with my Keds. I don’t know how that happened. It was frustrating because I just needed to get my shoes on before heading out the door.

Write a list of your 5 favorite singers growing up…do they still make your top 5 list?

  1. George Michael / Wham
  2. D.J. Jazzy Jeff and the Fresh Prince
  3. Guns ‘N Roses
  4. Whitney Houston
  5. New Kids on the Block

I only really started listening to music when I was about middle school age. I knew a few songs prior to that like “Wake Me Up Before You Go,” “I Just Called to Say I Love You,” or “Jump.” I knew of John Denver or the Beatles. However, I don’t remember much about really loving music until I was in middle school.

I got in trouble for buying George Michael’s Faith album after they saw the title of the songs on the cassette. We had to return the cassette because it was broken. They made me buy Rick Astley’s tape instead. (The Time I was Rick Rolled)

I went to my aunt’s wedding in 1988 and got to see MTV for the first time in the hotel. I was so excited to see Sweet Child o’ Mine and Parents Just Don’t Understand.

Z-93 was the radio station that I listened to on a regular basis until it was taken off the air. I would listen to the radio and then press record whenever I heard a song that I enjoyed.

Now if you were to ask me who my favorite musical artists are currently, none of them would make my list. Ok, I’ll take that back. I am going to go see and New Kids on the Block in June. I enjoy listening to the Fresh Prince; aka Will Smith. However, he hasn’t put out an album since 2005.

I’ll listen to the other artists’ music but I wouldn’t say they’re my favorites.

So who are my favorite artists? These are artists that have stood the test of time with me. Two I have loved since the mid 90’s while the other I have listened to since the early 2000’s.

  1. P!nk – I’m about to see her in concert again on May 11th. I’m so excited. I fell in love with her with her sophomore album – Missundaztood. As soon as I heard, Just Like a Pill, I was hooked. I sang Get the Party Started to the Oldest when I was pregnant with him. The boys were obsessed with So What when they were too young to really listen to the song. That song was played over and over again.
  2. Aerosmith – I’ve loved them for over 2 decades. I discovered them when their Get a Grip album came out in 1993. I fell in love with them when I got their cassette tape of greatest hits from the 70’s. I wore out the tape listening to it on my way to and from community college.
  3. Rob Thomas – I loved him when he was in Matchbox 20. The singles he has dropped for his latest album have been really good.

I hope you enjoyed my random thoughts.

Stay kind!

Have a magical day,

2 thoughts on “Random Thoughts

  1. I grew up on Elvis, the Beatles, MoTown, the Beach Boys, lots of Vietnam protest classics, CCR, Kansas, the Eagles, Chicago, Led Zepplin and more classic & pop 70’s rock, then when I was in my 20’s, Disco.

  2. It’s crazy how explicit some music can be and we just bop along to it because we like the beat! lol! Whitney was on my list too and I love Pink. That’s going to be a fun concert!

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