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Ark Encounter – Part 1 – The Ride Down

Early December, my church decided to travel 2 hours south to the Ark Encounter in Williamsport, Kentucky. During the Christmas season, they had lights that were absolutely beautiful.

Since we had a big group of us going, we decided to rent a bus rather than travel separately. That was nice especially since it was a big comfy bus. Somehow my two boys were the ones that found the random power cord in the back of the bus. With a mobile hotspot and power, they were ready to go.

Waiting for the bus to get there – It was a cold day. Maybe in the 20’s.

Finally the bus was there. We got lost in narrow neighborhoods before getting on the highway.

Getting settled into their seats – No the tv’s didn’t work.

He was set for the drive down. He had a new book. His brother on the other hand was playing on his tablet most of the trip.

Selfie time

We played some Christmas themed games on the way down.

Somehow he ended up in the seat in front of grandma. I think he got bored of the tablet.

I wish I got a photo of him holding up the power strip.

As I said, we ate our lunch on the bus and played Christmas games. It was all fun and games until we were almost there. Then Hubby got the worst case of car sickness. He practically ran off the bus once we got to the Encounter so he could find a real bathroom.

The most interesting part of the trip down was when the boys looked up from their activities. They noticed we were crossing the Ohio River. They piped up we’re entering Kentucky without even seeing the sign. I guess they have been to Kentucky a lot if they knew the bridge from sight. (They travel down there to go hiking once or twice a year plus we travel on that road to go to Walt Disney World.)

Join me next time for the beginning of our tour of the Encounter. It is a huge place with lots to read. What you read makes you really think about Noah and the building of the Ark.

I can’t wait to share the photos of the Ark and surrounding areas lit up. It was SO cold that the majority of my family refused to go outside. Here I was walking all around taking photos.

Stay kind!

Have a magical day,

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