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I have had blood sugar problems off and on for 20ish years. Sometimes it will rear it’s ugly head and sometimes it’s okay.

The worst place I had blood sugar problems was our last day at Disney in 2014. I went to Magic Kingdom without any snacks or money. By the time we were over at the Contemporary for our brunch, I was hangry. They were behind time for our table so I wasn’t a very nice person to be around.

Anyway back to now. I went to the doctor’s on January 16th. I had just eaten some crackers so my blood sugar was elevated to 142 which is alarming but not so much. The doctor decided I needed to have a glucose test done. So on January 29th, I finally was able to get it done.

The results were

  • fasting – 86
  • 1 hour after the drink – 132ish
  • 2 hours after the drink – 124
  • 3 hours after the drink – 54
  • 4 hours after the drink – 64

They told me that I was borderline hypoglycemic. I’m not officially hypoglycemic because my blood sugar did not go below 50. All I was told was to eat a hypoglycemic diet with no guidance.

I was like okay I’m going back on Valentine’s Day so I can make it until then.

The nurse at school brought in a blood sugar monitor. When we checked it, it was normal. I had had very little carbs and was careful with what I was eating so that is probably why. However, earlier in the week, I am sure I had a couple of dips in my blood sugar because I was disoriented, hot, and just felt weak. Twice people had seen me and said, I didn’t look so hot.

Then I got a sinus infection so I don’t know if I’m having lows/ highs or if it’s the sinus infection. I finally went and got antibiotics because the sinus infection was lasting way TOO long.

Valentine’s Day

My appointment was at 3 pm. I got to the doctor’s appointment at 2:45. At that point, my doctor was running 30 minutes behind. At 3:15, he was running 45 to 60 minutes behind. The person before me left for a little while so I was moved up. I was brought back at 3:30 and not seen until 4 pm.

Mind you this was the first time I had ever met the guy.

He came in with some random guy who was taking notes for him. He kept correcting the notes of the guy throughout the appointment. Very random.

The doctor checked over the CAT scan from December 2017 to see if there was anything wrong with my pancreas. I found out 1 year and 2 months later that I had a kidney stone. Not only did they not tell me there was a gallstone but they didn’t tell me that I had a kidney stone.

Nothing was resolved while I was at the doctor’s office. He told me I was healthy. He didn’t see why I’m having blood sugar problems. My blood sugar was not even checked. He just kept dictating the notes.

He said maybe I’m having an issue with carbs because I started having stomach aches and headaches when I eat carbs 2 years ago. Then I went gluten free for a year.

He’s going to set me up with a dietitian/ nutritionist to see if they can find out why I’m having the problems.

I still don’t know what I’m suppose to be eating. I feel as though I shouldn’t have even gone to the appointment. It’s gallstone drama part 2.

I’m now frustrated because nothing was resolved and I’m back at square one. All I want to do is cry when I think of the wasted time I spent yesterday.

Stay kind!

Have a magical day,

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