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Not a Typical Winter – mid January to early February

I wish I could truly show you all of the snow we’ve had since mid January. The amount is at or above our usual average amount of snow. Usually we get a total of around 16 inches.

One snow storm dropped 8 to 9 inches of snow! For us, that is an awful lot of snow.

Church was cancelled for 2 weeks in a row because of all of the snow and ice. That is very unusual.

Here is a few photos from our snowy mid January to late January.

These photos are from our first snowstorm. The snowfall totals were from before the snowfall had stopped. We still had an inch or more that fell.
The boys loved this snowfall because it was in the lower 30’s so they could still go outside and play. The snow was perfect for building snowmen.

The next weekend we had another snowfall. They had predicted this was going to have as much as 12 inches to almost 18 inches of snow. We ended up with maybe 4 inches. So many things were cancelled because after the snowfall, the temperature went down. This one was not as fun because the temp was awful.

The next weekend was looking to be a just below average temperature. We got a quick inch of snow Saturday night so Mom opted not to go to church because she was afraid of falling. I did go to church.

Then the Polar Vortex occurred. It was an awful 3.5 days. I had glucose testing on day 1 which is when the temps began to drop. Then it bottomed out. Schools were cancelled on Wednesday and Thursday because of the temperatures. Then on Thursday night the WORST snow fell – According to Hubby. It was warm in the atmosphere but cold on the surface. It was basically pure ice as it fell. Once again school was cancelled.

Saturday was looking to be nice. Temperatures were suppose to be above freezing. However the dreaded freezing fog/ hoarfrost occurred. All Mom wanted to do was get out her house. The fog cleared up by early afternoon and she was free.

Then the craziest weather changed occurred. You can’t make this up because Ohio’s weather changes on a dime. Superbowl Sunday was warm! People were out on the Great Miami River in downtown Dayton. It was crazy.

The temperatures stayed decent for the majority of the week. Then Wednesday and Thursday occurred. I drove through torrential rain on Wednesday and foggy conditions on Thursday before the skies opened up and we got so much rain. We ended up with almost 3 inches of rain on Thursday. It was thundering and lightening at times. Crazy weather. There was even a tornado in our area.

The fog was so bad that I could not really see the buildings when I drove through downtown Dayton. Crazy, huh!

So what was Friday like? COLD – 20’s with wicked wind chills. Kids came to school wearing only hoodies. During dismissal duty, I made them stand inside the building. I wasn’t going to let them stand out in the cold.

This post was based on having a photo essay of what winter is like in your town. I took the liberty to change it a bit and show the interesting weather we have had lately.

Stay kind!

Have a magical day,

6 thoughts on “Not a Typical Winter – mid January to early February

  1. Your weather sounds as crazy as ours here in Alabama! (but yours is way colder and with more snow, etc.) A few weeks ago, we were supposed to get 1-4 inches, but we got NONE. Not even a flake that I saw. Then it was warm, then the Polar Vortex happened and that caused us to have highs in the 20s with wind chills in the single digits. Which is VERY cold for the Deep South. It did warm up, but is still a bit too chilly for me. I’m ready for spring and warmer temps, especially as we didn’t get any snow this year.

  2. We’ve gone through some very frigid temps here in upstate New York recently but…not any significant snowfall events. What little precipitation has fallen was soon washed away by rain, then freezing conditions. you, the dreaded Polar Vortex had our temps in the minuses for a few days.

    The kids are all complaining about “no snow days” having just a handful of school delays. Parents, however, are silently rejoicing!

    Another “storm” is due to arrive here tomorrow and it will be a repeat of everything we’ve experienced so far this season…a big nothing and as you stated…yuck!

    Loved your photos, Traci!

  3. We’re getting a lot of snow for our area at this time too! The kids have missed 4 days of school so far, so they’re loving it. 🙂 It sure is pretty!

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