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Dayton Masonic Center – Lots of Photos

Many years ago, I would visit the Dayton Masonic Temple, as it was known, for Rainbow events. We were only ever allowed on the first and basement. The top floors were off limits and forbidden because we were girls. That was the men’s area.

Last Sunday, I attended a pre-Superbowl party at the Masonic Center. Before I left, I was given a tour of the building. The top floors were no longer like the forbidden forest.

There is an urban myth that a ghost lives in this Masonic Center. Since no one truly knows his identity, we call him George. I swear I might have heard him while I was there. It may have been the pipes. I went to the Ladies Lounge in the basement 3 times. Two of the times I heard a noise not coming from where I knew where the pipes were located. During the second time, I heard the noise and the motion detector light didn’t come on which was interesting.

Before my tour, I went on a walk by myself. I explored some of the first floor.

The haunted bathroom

Dayton has Otis Elevator company. This is the oldest working Otis Elevator. It’s been running for 90 years. They don’t usually allow people to ride up and down it but on this tour we got the privilege.

Third floor and second floor mezzanine

The view from the balcony

The second floor and first floor mezzazine

The library

Where I used to attend Rainbow meetings – Looks different but also the same. I remember those comfy blue seats.

I wish I had photos of the front of the building. It’s a glorious building just outside of the downtown area.

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