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Trip Home from Hershey – Blog Post #10

After we were done with Gettysburg, we traveled south to Maryland.  The Imaginative One had never been to Maryland.

When we got to the rest stop, he was grumpy.  We had a fight because I got upset with his crankiness.

He finally took a nap which helped his mood.

We ended up driving on I-70 in Maryland.  At one point, we had a choice of either heading north back into Pennyslvania or heading west on 68 which connects I70 and I79.  We took the 68 route which was crazy driving at times.

While we were driving, we ended up being up in the clouds.  The descent out of the clouds was remarkable.  Something I wish I had photos of but don’t because I was driving.

Once we got on I79, we headed north until we reached I70 west.  I know a crazy way to get home but I wanted to do some exploring.

Soon after we got to the Ohio border, we stopped for the night.

The next morning was a rainy day.  We tried to wait it out but could not.  We ate breakfast at Bob Evans.  Then we started on our way home.  We ended up stuck driving I70 during a torrential rainstorm.  Of course, it was a stretch of 70 that had no exits.  Once I was able to get off the rain pretty much stopped.

Thank you following along on our journey.

Join me next week for my series from when Hubby and I went to the Toledo Zoo and then 2 days later we traveled to Kentucky.

Have a magical day,

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