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Gettysburg- Blog Post #9

After we were done in Hershey, we drove an hour south east to Gettysburg.

My plan had been to do the car tour.  Supposedly you could do it in about 2 hours or so.  We spent a little over an hour before we decided not to continue with the tour.

  1.  We got lost pretty quickly.  I finally found Confederate Row.  That’s where the majority of the photos were taken.
  2. It was extremely hot so the Imaginative One was not in the best mood.

I did discover the North Carolina Monument was sculpted by the same gentleman who sculpted Mount Rushmore.  He based the men on the sculpture on photographs of actual Confederate veterans.  The flag bearer is based on the gentleman who created the Confederate flag.

Next week is going to be our last blog post about the Imaginative One and my visit to Hershey Park.  We took the longest way back to Ohio so that he could visit Maryland. There was also a time of tension between us.  Be sure to check out that blog post.

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